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Here is where any and all (3) of your characters need to be posted. Heed the rules, people!

lol Follow by example! I don't usually lead people astray... >.>

Name: Lixue

Alias: Kim

Age: 24

Ethnicity: Chinese

Background: Lixue, AKA Kim Park, is indebted to the previous head of he Foryash Agency - he saved her life, took her in, and died to protect her. Ever since she was old enough to work and pay her own rent, Lixue has served the new head, a woman she has yet to meet, though unbeknownst to her, they grew up together. She works toward finding the head of the Meolyun Agency and killing him to avenge her old caretaker.


Name: Unknown

Alias: Shun

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Unknown

Background: As one who never speaks, Shun only ever does as his mission demands with precision and impeccable timing. He's gone up against the head of the Meolyun Agency and matched the man's intelligence in traps, and strength in combat, though he doesn't come out unscathed. He is an incredible sniper, so long range assassinations are his specialty. Not much is known about Shun, so his record is thin and unrevealing. His secret however is large-scale in terms of questionable loyalty to the Foryash Agency.


Name: Callum Bairn

Alias: Ian

Age: 30

Ethnicity: Polish

Background: Callum, unlike the others in the Meolyun Agency, was simply born into a family of secret agents. Thus, he was expected to, and did, become one. His family was with the agency for three generations, so he has a reputation to uphold. His work in the intelligence department helps him out greatly.

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Name: Leo

Alias: Mystic Tank

Age: 28

Ethnicity: english


Background: Leo AKA mystic tank ,is a multi specialist for Foryash Agency he is called in to take out the trash and do many a job many would puke thinking about he is insanely skilled in close combat and doesn't feel much because of the years has inhaled many poisons and such and his body has a much stronger and faster human but because of this he has to take his medicine every day or he will die from the stress the many poisons in his body, he can also make herbal medicine that to cure or make others stronger faster or not feel as much pain, but his many skill about all others is explosives which he loves the most out of all his skill, not much is known about leo he was hired after being recommended by the last boss before he died.
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