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What is so great about Gintama???
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Posted 9/7/13 , edited 9/7/13
Gintama is funny as all hell. I rarely laugh so loud at things that my neighbors can hear me, but this anime has so many situations that make me do it. I love the episode where they are just supposed to play the demo of a new game system that just came out, and it ends up in all out chaos. Kagura ends up level 99, and uses the last boss as a weapon. Never laughed so hard.

Shogun skits are usually hilarious too, along with DBZ spoofs.
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Posted 9/7/13 , edited 9/8/13
Enough is said

If you dont get the comedy then you wont enjoy Gintama at all.

When I first saw Gintama right when it first came out , I wasnt sure how to take it. I let it go a couple episodes and then I went back to watch this wacky anime . It took me a while then it started to click.
Since there is not one plot, I will watch it per mini plot here and there.

Animation may not be the best but its pretty good. I love all the work the seiyuu put into ther characters and their interactions are so much fun to listen to .....Although Shinpachi annoys me when he yells too much
Their soundtrack is hilarious. Alot of thieir Op and Ed songs are pretty catchy and fun to listen to.

I do agree Gintama does get too silly , almost too silly for me at times but when the comedy is right , my stomach would hurt from laughter.

year after year , this anime has my most favorite character to cosplay for -- Gintoki.
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