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Posted 9/5/13 , edited 9/5/13

Posted 9/5/13 , edited 9/5/13
@-animecutegirl- Respond Message:

  • A picture of your character is MISSING
  • Need a Age for a human or immortal. CANNOT BE AGELESS
  • Name is what you want for your character to be called as
  • Missing Species are Races
  • Classes pick another then Vampire no such thing in Ceopia City.
  • PICTURES has to be LINKED not [*IMG][/*IMG]
  • Summon Master they prohibited your own powers they wanted weapons mostly required are Staffs and Grimoire

    -animecutegirl- wrote:

    Name / IGN Name :: -animecutegirl-
    Age :: ageless
    Month/Date/Year :: i said.. i'm ageless :D
    Species :: Summon Master
    Classes (pick 5) :: Mage, Healer,Summon Master,artist,vampire
    Personality :: Kind,cheerful,yandere side
    Weapons :: with my powers not weapons
    Weapons Skills ::
    Likes/Dislikes :: likes: apple,pink,mango,skirts,etc. dislikes: too many
    Appearance Clothing ::

    Height :: 157
    Weight ::45
    Hair Color ::black
    Eye Color ::pink
    Family Members ::none(they're all killed)
    Family Background :: none of them
    Your Biography :: T.B.R
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