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Short Bio:

Likes and dislikes:

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Name: Diana L.

Age: 18-19

Gender: FEMALE

Short Bio: I used to get bullied a lot in school. But it's cooled down now since one friend stood up for me. And once we graduate, I'll be fine right? The reason they make fun of me is that I don't fit with them. And I don't try to be -.- Basically, for them it's boys this, boys that, clothes this clothes that... Not ew. But they take it to the extremes O_O I hate my school *shakes head* That's my life. School makes up a big percentage.

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Name: My real name is Carolina De La Cruz but I liked to be called Kay.

Age: I'm eighteen years old.

Gender: I'm a lady.

Short bio: I'm an eighteen year old wild flower. I try my best to pick people up when they are down and listen when they only need someone to tell their troubles too. I'm pretty good at communicating with others in my opinion. I'm not so much of a mean person. As for when I'm casually talking to you. I can come off as a harsh vulgar individual. I do not let my vocabulary define me.

Likes: I take interest in poetry and music. I like to believe if it wasn't for their very existence I wouldn't be sane. I like spicy food and body modifications. I'm passionate about nature and animals.

Dislikes: I dislike many things. Like sweets for example. And pineapples. I also dislike those who refuse to acknowledge reality.
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18 / Over Here !!
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Name: Im Jackson but i like to be called Jake for short
Age:currently 15
Gender:IM A MACHO MACHO MAN!!jk im a boy
Short bio:Im just a lazy guy who likes helping people and watching anime. I like minecraft, and im a bro in the bro army. I hate school yet not to be weird i like blood. In other words, im a lazy bro who likes helping people and watching anime and hates school yet likes blood.
Likes:blood, halloween, role playing, anime
Dislikes:annoying people, school, fish, most meats, and broccoli.
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20 / F / Nowhere but every...
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Name: You can call me May

Age: 15

Gender: A female

Short Bio: I'm an outcast in my high school and i'm scared of the next 4 years i'm about to endure considering I have nobody to talk to in my classes, half of my family doesn't care about my interests while the other half dislikes it, I've also been called a wallflower and lazy (I don't know if it was a compliment or insult) from a friends mom, unfortunately I have terrible social skills and I've been told i'm weird for being an introvert

Likes: Anime, Reading, Music, Drawing, Sleeping, YouTube

Dislikes: Mostly mean/fake people and school
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