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Posted 9/8/13 , edited 9/9/13
Don't you hate it when you're on late at night and none of your friends are online. Or when your home during the day and everyone is out at work or school. Well here's how to solve that problem!

Feel free to add your Gamertags for Console or PC Gaming in the comment section below.

Hope this helps guys!

Oh and you guys can find me on Xbox almost all the time. Just let me know you're from Crunchyroll.

GT: HoloTheWiseWolf

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Posted 10/6/13 , edited 10/6/13
Hey there fellow CR Gamers! :)

OK, let's give this a try:

PSN: Valkan24

Lately playing Diablo 3 and Dragon's Crown, I might get FF14 but not for now because my gaming schedule is not very stable. On top of that I have some of the major releases of these past years and I have made sure to download all games offered with the PS+ subscription.

If you add me, please be sure to mention you're a fellow CR gamer :)

Cya around!
Posted 12/12/13 , edited 12/12/13
I've been using the name " blue willow " on steam
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Posted 4/15/14 , edited 4/15/14
Seems this isn't active, but oh well! Might as well give it a shot.

I've been looking for people to play Rust with on steam.

If you wanna join me, just hit me up on Steam at Frigidlife.

You can also pm me on here.
Posted 7/1/14 , edited 7/1/14
Well, why not right?

On Steam you can hit me up at Dracobing, I play a lot of Vindictus and a tadbit of Elsword. Also been occupied with DW8XL so thats fun. Also like to play LoL when I'm not watching anime, you can add me on that as well with the same name: Dracobing
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