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SUZUKA ( spoilers)
Posted 9/29/13 , edited 9/29/13
Well since I havent read too much romantic mangas except suzuka and a few others, I geuss you could say its one of the best, I dont know about the best ever. Im currently reading kimi no iru machi, and its pretty good
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Posted 9/29/13 , edited 9/29/13
The Suzuka anime is basically made from manga Volume 1 Chapter 0 (which is the original one-shot story) to Volume 9 Chapter 72.
So there is still the rest of Volume 9(Ch. 73 to 78) to the end of Volume 18 of Suzuka to enjoy.

I understand that some people didn't like how the anime ended. You also need to understand that when the anime was commissioned while the manga was still being drawn. So I thought that the ending they choose to use was a perfect halfway point in the story.

At that point(in 2005), who knew that the story would have 166 chapters and end its weekly publication 2 years later. OK, maybe Kouji Seo knew that it would take him 2 more years to finish to story.

Overall, its still one of my favorites and highly recommended series (manga and/or anime).

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