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Competition = useless?
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Posted 9/22/13 , edited 9/22/13

depends on what objectives are,
comes into play when resources are limited and everybody fighting for same thing

sample, example:
two guys vying for the same girl, while the girl is dreaming about some other guy
two guys just want her,
while guy number three that she likes is after her
and fifty million other girls so instead of putting all efforts on her,
instead dedicates all his energy into music practice and heading up a rock band.

rank 1's usually on completely different level
likely playing a different game, that of their own making

when reach rank 1,
the competition isn't with people anymore (or perhaps never was),
once there got to be something more for drive and momentum to move forward

not sure if this was what the original poster felt in emotion or intuition,
if not so much cognitized and arranged into words.

where the OP go?!? :O

there's a little teapot short and stout,
here is it's handle, here is it's sprout,
when you tip it over and pour tea out....
oops, forget the rest of the lyrics...and i'm knocked out
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Posted 9/22/13 , edited 9/22/13
OP nuked. locked and closed.
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