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Posted 9/10/13 , edited 9/11/13

I'm a huge fan of anime and have found that anime has become extreamly predictable. So I am reqesting anime that are

unpredictable. Now I have some info and criteria that (criteria must be met for me to watch) that will help to make the list a

little shorter (sorry )

Criteria: 1: must be anime (no spungebob or adventer time)
2: must have a complex story that will keep me on my toes (I'm vary good at predicting)
3: must be a good story (starts out strong, stays that way, and has a good ending ( the ending is the hardest to pull off) )
4: must not be hentai (dose this need an explanation)
5: must fallow the 8 rules of anime (the link to my video explain it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT7cNQPmc7w)

Info: 1: I am good a predicting and looking for a challenge
2: I do have a tendincey to rage at shows
3: I have watched a good amount of anime

anime recmendations would be great and much apreated.

Sumimasen for my bad spelling.
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Posted 9/10/13 , edited 9/11/13
Mawaru Penguindrum
Blast of Tempest

You will probably find better recommendations here:

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Posted 9/10/13 , edited 9/11/13

There's actually a great spot on the forums in a sticky where you can ask for recommendations :)
I'd recommend posting there, someone is bound to help ya! :)
However, since this is a personal thread, I'm afraid I'm going to have to lock it.
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