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Posted 9/12/13 , edited 9/12/13
This post has spoilers for both season 1 (Aegis of Uruk) AND season 2 (Sword of Uruk)

~use the spoiler tag if your going to lay them out for people to see. Csgod0
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Makes me thing of Game of Thrones. The 3 "thingys" tell the Dragon Queen Girl that she will suffer 3 betrayals, then betray and try to kill her.

Then in the next 4 damn books she's thinking "Which was the great betrayal, which was the small ones?"

Prophecies are lame.

Neeba and Kaaya's are the primary two betrayals that was told about, she essentially told him what she was going to do.
Melts was more a silly betrayal

The Druid was the 3rd great betrayal, as the show really hyped that one up.

The show itself is damn amazing, and the initial two betrayals were seen miles away, but damn if the act of getting to them weren't a blast.
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