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GIF-related tutorials will be bellow.
Be patient please qwq.
Posted 9/12/13 , edited 9/12/13
Repairing GIFs :: AKA PNG fixing(?)
We all have that one gif who glitches out like this...
(im sorry in advance if my explanations are very.. bad... I'm not good at explaining D:)

So, how do we get it from that to non-glitchy?

It's really simple. It's because your image layer has transparency and cr turns the transparency into gray (which is why renders have a gray background and everything with a transparent bg is replaced with a gray one). So to fix that, you'll have to merge the images together.

Now for the tutorial!

Step 1: Open your GIF
Click on 'File' to open an image. Do not 'Open as Layer' if you are already working on something else.
(as you can see I already opened it |D)

Open it and check the layers on the side.

You can see there that each image has only 1 character on it, which is why CR's gray transparent bg kicks in and makes everything on a single layer that was once transparent into gray.
To prevent that you have to merge layerstogether.
No. Not all of them at once.
One at a time.

Step 2: Duplicate the bottom layer.
Right-click the bottom layer and duplicate it.

You should have two layers of the same image, like so.

Step 3: Merging the layer above.
Next is to Merge the image above the previous copy.
Right-click the layer above the copied layer and click on 'Merge Down'.

It should be like this.
(the layers are together as one!)

It should be a layer where the bottom layer and the one above it are merged together.

Step 4: Rince-Repeat.
Once you've nailed that. You've got the basics. Now it's to do it with the other layers.
You duplicate the one bellow (the one you just merged down with the previous one)

And merge the layer above the copied one down to it.

And so on with all your layers.
In the end you should get this.

Step 5: Exporting it.
Now that you're done with your repaired gif. You need to save it to your computer now.
Click on 'File > Export...'.

Clicking it, a window will open. Go to the folder you wish to save it and make sure your file is .gif (name it whatever.)

Right after clicking 'Export', another window opens up and shows you this.
Click on check the box 'As Animation' and make sure it is on 'Loop Forever'.

Click 'Export' and you're done. Congratulations.
Your gif should look like this now.

but.. it's a little slow isn't it...? Yeah... I'm still working on how to fix that.....
It's because of the 'frame per millisecond' thing, it should work with any kind of gif that has the same time for it.
Like this gif.

Well, I hope that helped! Even a little, and now I regret not naming my layers.. it would be a lot easier to explain x.x.. Oh well, g'day!
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