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Posted 9/14/13 , edited 9/14/13
I recently played a game called Ni No Kuni, and I think that pokemon can learn a few things.

1. One of the most important feature is the the creatures in Ni No Kuni (Called Familiars) can "evolve" into two more forms. This way, not only that all Pokemon can evolve, (but not legendaries, They would be too over powered) but that now more Pokemon will be used because they can evolve in more potent forms.

2. There is a book very similar to the Pokedex called the Wizard's Companion. The book includes all the creatures, (But not bosses) The Pokedex does not need this, but it does need more of the extra elements for example, perhaps stories? The Pokedex should also hold maybe a item dictionary to tell affects and where to get the item.

3. Battling in Ni No Kuni is a bit... weird. Its a mixture of real time and move your character and the turn base part. Which makes it more possible to defeat higher level Pokemon.

4. The last thing i would like to say is maybe some more back story? Though, Pokemon does supply this pretty well so they don't need this. After all, they have the Pokemon anime series.

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Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14
It would be so awesome if you could summon your Pokemon and then control their movement on the battle field like in Ni No Kuni! Then when you need to use an item you can switch back to the trainer and control what he/she does as well! It would be so much fun catching Pokemon then.

It could also provide more use for a lot of the moves available too. In the current games sooo many of the moves that do not cause damage are never used because it would be a waste of a turn but if it was like Ni No Kuni it would be beneficial to use them, and you could dodge the enemies moves at the same time so it wouldn't be a wasted move.

If you could teach your Pokemon more then four moves but make each move have a certain cool-down to balance it. Like tackle, scratch, etc would have a short cool-down( lets say 6-8 seconds) while moves like Thunder, Fire Blast, etc would have a long cool-down (lets say 20-25 seconds). Moves like agility could provide short "buffs", example- you use "agility" and it boosts your poke's speed by 50% for 10 sec or another one would be using "protect" and you would gain a 5 second immunity from damage... something like that for all those non-damaging moves.

I think at this point though it would have to be a console/PC game to be really utilized. I could go on forever on this topic hahaha a combo of these two games would be epic!

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