Quick question for a newcomer :)
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Posted 9/14/13 , edited 9/15/13
Alright so I just discovered Crunchyroll like last month and basically it's the best thing ever. So I was never a huge anime fan before this (Only animes i really watched was DBZ, Naruto, Death Note and Claymore). Anyways I really like to keep up with shows like watch new episodes every week, and I really liked how you could do that with this site. I picked like 4 animes and got caught up and watched every week. I see they're close to ending and then learned that how there's new animes every season. Like I said I'm quite new to this. I saw a list of animes coming out for fall and wanted to know if crunchyroll would be showing them? Or is there anywhere else I can watch them even if I have to pay? Or is it one of those things that since I live in America I won't have access to some animes until later on? Also are most animes only like 12-24 episodes? I've gotten attached to some and it really makes me said not watching more then one season since I'm used to american shows I get attached to have like 7 seasons :(. One anime I'm really sad about is Attack on Titan. I basically read that there probably won't be a season 2? Is that most likely true?
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Posted 9/14/13 , edited 9/15/13
Crunchyroll has a number of "simulcasts" which are released here (in US) at the same time as they air in Japan, which is pretty cool! You have to pay for a premier membership to see these right away, though I think regular (free) members get to see them a bit later:

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Heyhi! :)
Welcome to our forums, I hope you're enjoying yourself so far (it seems like you are ^_^)
We have tonnnns of shows to watch, and even more coming up with each season.
As well as using the lineup list, frequenting the anime discussion boards offers nice insight into upcoming shows! Although not ALL discussed there will appear on Crunchyroll, a good majority usually is :)
http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumcategory-3/anime ;)
However, since this is actually a personal thread (Which we don't allow since the threads would become messy), I'm going to have to close it.
I hope you find awesome anime you enjoy. Be sure to always check for new shows ;)

Once more, welcome :)

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