Super Rewards are TRYING to rip you off!
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Posted 9/17/13 , edited 9/17/13
As you all might be aware, Super Rewards (SR) is a 3rd party service used by CrunchyRoll (CR) that allows you to make payments without renewing subscriptions or credit cards. Membership fees are paid in the form of CR bucks; a currency that is earned by completing offers from Super Rewards such as doing surveys, applying for credit cards, etc..

Super Rewards works with advertisers using a CPA method (Cost Per Action) where Super Rewards gets paid when people visit their advertisers pages and complete specific actions (like signing up and getting approved for a credit card). Super Rewards then passes on to you, a portion of what they received from their advertisers, in the form of CR bucks.

That's how it would work if Super Rewards were an honest company. However this is not the case...

Here's what actually happens.

When you complete an offer, Super Rewards will do EVERYTHING in their power in order to make sure you ARE NOT REWARDED with CR bucks. This way, they get paid by their advertisers and KEEP the full amount, LEAVING YOU WITH NOTHING. Some offers actually do give you the rewards when you complete them, mainly just the ones that don't offer much for compensation to you (under 50 cents).

Once you have fully completed an offer, you can click "Get Help" on the offer wall. Your offer will show up as "Waiting for offer to report...". After a few minutes, the offer will change to "Viewed" meaning; you looked at the offer but did not complete it (according to them). Now you can click on the help icon on the right side of the offer's status. Using their support system, you can request that your CR bucks be rewarded. SR will come back telling you to send them the "confirmation email" (the first email an advertiser sends to you). Once you send them that, they MIGHT reward you with the CR bucks. They usually send a response asking for SCREENSHOTS of you having completed the offer. Did you think to take screenshots of the offers as you were completing them? Probably not... Which means in order to receive rewards, you will have to complete the same offer TWICE and super rewards will get paid for that offer for the second time.

Don't let them fool you. You probably did complete the offer, and they probably know it too. But it's their goal to give out as few rewards as possible in order to keep their profits high.

So, when you're completing offers, make sure you take plenty of screenshots, and save any emails that are sent to you from SR's advertisers. Maybe even record video, so you have absolute proof of completing the offers.

If that doesn't work, continue to read....

Here's what I did to receive my rewards... Only do this if you feel as though you have completed the offer 100% according to their terms. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It's much simpler than you might think. Simply visit and click "File a complaint" then just fill out the form.

Once you have filled out the complaint, BBB will give you a case #. Give that number to Super Rewards, wait patiently for about a week, and BAM! You'll have rewards! They rewarded me for all 3 offers I complained about, as well as 3 other offers I did complete, but never bothered complaining about. This is PROOF! Proof that Super Rewards KNOWS you completed offers, yet does not reward you.

Hopefully this will help people out :)

Also, some offers never actually ask you for your email address, SR will still ask you for the confirmation email on these offers. Further proof that they're just trying to rip you off for your time and private information.

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Posted 9/17/13 , edited 9/17/13
I, myself, have completed quite a few of SR's offers to earn CR bucks in the past. Here are some tips for getting them done without any problems.

  • Read the completion conditions, take a screenshot of proof of completion, if you can
  • Wait 10-15 minutes before making a help ticket, and when you do make sure to include the FULL email you got (for those that send you one). This means all of the headers and everything,
  • If you took any screenshots, include those too.

Remember that all of the sites and such that you are going to don't belong to SR, and it isn't SR's job to make sure that they work properly. As long as I provided that proof, they have always awarded me the points.
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