[ Request ] GFX
Posted 9/19/13 , edited 9/19/13

- Request once at a time
(Matching avii and multi-text banners count for one request)

- Be patient.
(The mods and the creators have lives too..)

- If you are not satisfied, kindly ask the editor to fix some stuff that you don't like. That does not mean the whole graphic.
(The text, size and not the textures.)

- Use the graphic. (at least 3 days)

- No "Comments". If a moderator asks you a question, that is acceptable. But no "Thank you" messages. Do that on the wall or the comment forum please c:

- Upload 3 pictures to "Payment" album
- Invite 2 friends c:
- Spam the "S P A M" forum 3 times.

~ OR ~
- Membership card /no need to pay c:/
(currently working on membership cards lol)

I will need proof of payment (screenshot), except for the spamming. I can see that easily.

If you don't know how to screenshot follow these steps ::
1. click "prt sc" somewhere on your keyboard.
2. open ms. paint or anything like that.
3. "paste" it in.
4. "crop" it.
5. save it. :3

Graphic Sizes + examples
these are examples so no taking any of these

Avii :: 200x200

Group Avii :: 200x600 // 200x500 // 200xVaried

Banner :: 450x200 // 450x250

Profile :: 450x500 // 450x600 // etc.

Signature / Text :: Varied.

sizes can vary if you don't request one.

F o r m

Type of Graphic ::
Size ::
Text ::
Style ::
Other ::
Picture (IN SPOILER) ::
Payment ::

Note :: Animation for Avii (200x200) and Banners only. (not every mod knows how to animate stuff or add gifs to a graphic)
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