➟Which version of HunterxHunter do you prefer?
Posted 9/19/13 , edited 9/19/13
Both version are good because they are both HunterxHunter obviously!
But the one which I preferred to watch was the 2011 purely because it's a lot faster with it's episodes, but I would have liked it if they didn't rush the hunter exam because it was really good before.
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F / Hiding in your cl...
Posted 9/20/13 , edited 9/20/13
Old one kicks the new ones butt.

Doesn't mean I don't like the new one too.
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27 / M / Yamaku Academy
Posted 9/22/13 , edited 9/22/13
I think they are both good but its obvious the new one is better,I just wish they would have handled the pacing in the earlier arcs better though
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