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A character back story I made for a RP guild a while back. I'm an amateur so I hope this is bearable XD

If you have one or feel like making one, feel free to share!

Rin Mitsuki:

Rin grew up on the streets not remembering much at all about her mother or father. What they looked like, what kind of people they were, what happened to them, or how she ended up on the streets in the first place. One day Rin was wandering the back alleys and found a boy being attacked by a pack of wild dogs. Without hesitation she rushed in yelling, pushing, and kicking to get the dogs off the boy. Two of them bolted, but one stayed lunging at Rin. She raised her arm hoping to stop it but only gave it an open opportunity. The dog sunk its teeth into Rin's arm. She winced trying to handle the pain but she couldn't bare it. Rin let out a loud scream, tears poured from her eyes, and blood dripped down from her arm. Rin tried her best to set her arm free but the dog wouldn't give. She felt helpless and couldn't even focus enough to think of her next move. This was the end for her, or so she thought...a man rushed in and stabbed the dog with his blade. The dog fell lifeless...Rin looked up at the man but her vision was blurred from the tears. The man freed Rin's arm and embraced her. "There, there. Everything will be alright now...You're a very brave little girl." Rin immediately started yelling at the man to save the boy. "Now don't you worry, he'll be fine." The man pulled the boy up on his shoulder and with his other hand took Rin's hand in his. "Come now, lets get you two cleaned up."

The man who had saved Rin turned out to be a wandering swordsman named Milo. Milo took in Rin and the boy (Quinn) till they were able again. Several years passed since that day. Quinn went his separate way, and Milo was set to begin his travels once more. Before departing Milo proposed an offer to Rin. He admired her will to protect others and wanted to take her in as his pupil. She accepted without hesitation.

The next several years Rin spent her time traveling and honing her skills with Milo. Everything was perfect until one stormy night. The winds were fierce, the rain strong, and the air cold. Milo and Rin took refuge in a cave. They set a fire and laid out on their bed rolls. Rin thanked Milo for saving her that day and slowly closed her eyes, falling asleep. Rin awoke later that night to what sounded like gasps for air. There before her stood a cloaked figure with Milo at his feet. A crude dagger had been lodged in his throat. Horror struck her face, her mouth couldn't form words. The only think she could produce was anger and tears. Rin rushed to her feet sword in hand and swung with all her might at the cloaked figure. Before her blade could make contact the figure vanished into a puff of smoke dissipating out into the rain. The swords weight pulled her off balance and she fell to the ground sobbing. She slowly crawled her way over to Milo watching as he struggled to breath. She didn't know what to do, what she could do. Milo raised his hand to Rin's face wiping away a tear. Yet again she was helpless, she couldn't save the very man that saved her life, and she was going to lose the closest thing she had to a family. Rin pulled together a smile and thanked Milo for everything. Milo gave a faint smile in return, his arm collapsed to the cold cave floor with a thud, and his face turned lifeless. Rin was absolutely shattered, lost, all alone...

Rin buried milo and wandered the roads silent until she happened upon Shaemoor. There she drowned herself in ale. What was the point of being a swordsman anymore. All those travels and training in order to better protect others...and in the end she couldn't even protect what little family she had. A couple of years had passed since the death of Milo. Rin wandered the streets of Shaemoor and stumbled upon a group gathered in front of the bridge. Rin overheard the group talking of a patrol, to fight bandits, and keep the roads safe. It was time for her to step up once more and get back on track. To stop trying to submerge her past and sorrow in ale. Rin didn't want anyone else to lose those dear to them like she lost milo. She introduced herself to the group and offered her assistance. Since then Rin has become a member of the Masquerade doing what she strived for in life. To protect others.

Now that Rin was back to her old self and stable again it was time for her to do what she wasn't able to do in her younger years. Find her parents...When Rin was younger she had no credibility and the only friend she had was Quinn. She very well couldn't have traveled the roads on her own. She was far too young and weak. That has changed now. Since then Rin's name has become quite known in Divinity's Reach, she has gained many friends, and her skills have greatly improved. With help from the Templar's Rin searched and searched for what little information she could find on her parents. Each clue led to many battles which in turn gave another clue. Rin grew frustrated and started to lose hope. Why was it becoming harder and harder to find her parents?! It was then that Rin got new information. They had found Rin's home! She never actually lived in Divinitys Reach, but on the borders of Kessix Hills. The homestead was old, dusty, and overwhelmed with hostile creatures. Rin fought her way through faster, and faster, looking for any signs, any clues. It was then that she found two gravestones...

One read: "Three joys gave his life meaning: His wife, his country, and above all his child. May the gods bless and protect our beloved Rin..."

The other: "Cherished wife, devoted mother, loyal servant of Kryta. Our life's labor was to make a better world for the children to live in. May our beloved Rin find it so..."

Rin dropped her sword and fell to her knee's. This whole time searching a small part of her knew that her parents may have very well been dead but she didn't want to believe that. Who would? After losing Milo her parents were the only real family she had left. The only two people she had to look forward to....Tears fell from her eyes but surprisingly enough she was actually smiling, relieved... She did not despise, nor hate them. Her parent's truly did love and care for her. Rin spent many hours talking to her parents: Telling them about her life, her friends, her battles...and that...she was proud of them. Rin's parents died protecting their daughter...their country...and their queen...Rising to her feet and grasping her sword Rin gave her departing words, " you mom and dad (tears falling to the ground)..and I promise I'll do all that I can to protect these people, their country, and our queen..." Rin turned her back and headed out to face the world once more.
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