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Don't talk to me like I'm everything
I keep a wall up enough for both us
Somebody's got to keep you sane
And yet I'm misunderstood
I keep laughing at your jokes
Because I feel like I should
Never telling you my feelings
Looking away when you're down
Never obliging my instincts
To see if you want me around
You're all about you
Whatever you want to do
I'm just a punching bag
For you and everyone else, too.
I'm the blow up doll you fuck
The therapist you see too much
I guess I'm everything that I ever let myself be.
Perhaps I welcome the assault in hopes that
You'll want me for me.
So many say I'm cool
Because I never complain
Until you want to call me yours
Then I'm another you disdain.
I'm so malleable
I'm everything at once
Am I ever being real?
No; that's not part of the deal.
I want to help and be loved
And if you touch me again
I swear I'm gonna lose my nerve
I'll leave before I give in.

..At the same time
I'm probably only lonely as well
Do I like you
Or do I need a stronger pill?
I'm uselessly emotional
It makes me want to throw up shit.
You're teasing me and
I let you think I'm not in pain.
Why's that, you'd never ask?

I don't know.
I want someone to fight for me
Someone to ask me what's wrong
Maybe care about me
As hard as I hold on.
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Op nuked.

Feel free to recreate!

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