i hate people that say anime is gay!
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Posted 9/20/13 , edited 9/20/13
i don't understand why people say anime is gay ( and i also do understand why they would say that). the main reason that people think anime is gay is because anime is "cartoonish" or has too many almost naked guys, huge boobied girls or other stuff. but they don't see why we like it. sure some of us like seeing almost naked boys that have hulk like muscles swimming in a pool AKA FREE. ( i love that show don't get me wrong but i'm not homosexual). and some of us like seeing big boobied lady's ( me gusta) . butt! most of us like anime because if its story, its hilarious characters, its art, its drama, its sadness, its cute little characters, its ability to relate to our lives in some ways, i can go on and on about this stuff. i started to love anime this year and i will proboly love it more and more over the years. anyways back to the topic, people cant just say anime is gay, and stupid, without watching it. if they watched it and said that it gay then that's their opinon or they have not seen a anime that they can relate to OR they have not seen an anime that they have liked. people cant just judge a book by its cover. i hope that more people can come to like anime in the future.
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Posted 9/20/13 , edited 9/21/13

Heyhi! -giggle-
I'm glad you like anime oh so much! I certainly like anime as well.
In fact I hope you watch Watamote! It's very awesome! :)
However, since this isn't really a 'discussion thread' I'll have to lock it :(
But have fun around the site ^_^

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