Dragon's Crown (a friendly debate)
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Posted 9/21/13 , edited 9/21/13
When the game Dragon's Crown was announce something happen in the gaming community.

People got pissed off.

Now this is nothing new. Gamers get mad about almost anything (look at anything concerning COD or GTA). But this one was a funny reason (at least to me).

What angered people was the way two of the playable characters looked.

The Sorceress and the Amazon.

Because of the way these two characters were designed the game was a accused of being sexist.

Now my wife and I both love video games and play them all the time and anytime we find a game that we can play together we jump at it.

So we got Dragon's Crown, (we both love it) and my wife's favorite character is the Sorceress.

When I asked her if she thinks the game is sexist she said this.

"Even though she(the sorceress) is dressed provocatively she is not dumb, not weak, she is very intelligent, and comes to fight. I see nothing wrong with her."

Now I would like to ask the girl gamers out there.

What do you think of the game?
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Posted 9/21/13 , edited 9/22/13
I personally like this game.
Yes, while the proportions of some of the female characters are... exaggerated, I am not offended by the game at all.

Sure, there are some parts of the game that are... quite suggestive from what I've seen
... I'm not really *BOTHERED* by it... or at least, I'm not about to complain about how "sexist" it is.
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