Forbidden Book
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Chapter 1: Yamagata Satoshi

Yamagata Satoshi, he has purple hair combed upwards and purple eyes. He wars a simple black t-shirt and black pants, he's an eighth grader, 5''1 3/4, 102, lbs. Average grades and just a completely average Jr. High School boy until that one day which would change his life forever. Satoshi heads for school. "Hey, Satoshi!" yelled a voice from across the room. Satoshi replied, "Hey, Kenji! What's up? "So ho was your summer?" Asked Kenji.

"Oh it was pretty good., I guess. A little boring though. You know sometimes I just wish something completely out of the ordinary would happen to me, you know?"

"Yeah, I do. But face it man, you are seriously cursed with being extra ordinary." "Yeah tell me about it."

Mr. Yuki clears his throat. "Okay class today we will begin by learning....

Seven hours later after school is over. Kenji says " Hey Satoshi. Can I come over your place later?

Satoshi replies "Yeah sure, of course Kenji. Bu ti'm going to get some books at the library first.

"Okay see ya later then."


Satoshi makes it to the library and is looking for a history book.

"Ah, Here we go, Huh? Whats this back here?"

Satoshi grabs an old dusty book. He blows off the dust and opens it up.

"Its blank."

A huge light blue circular portal opens from the book and sucks Satoshi in.

Satoshi wakes up in the middle of greenfield.

"Huh? Where am I?

A giant eagle-looking thing with silver talons and a gold beak and wings swoops down and lunges at Satoshi.

"Whoa!" Satoshi yelps as he does a somersault to doge the eagle monster.

"What the heck is gong one here?! Am I dreaming or something?"

The eagle comes back and attack Satoshi again. This time landing a hit, leaving Satoshi wounded.

"Ahhhhhh" Satoshi screams in pain. "Wait a minute. I have an idea. Come here little birdy, come here.

Satoshi starts running and the eagle follows. Satoshi runs up a tree and the eagle soars up to the sky. Then it glares back down at Satoshi who is smirking. The eagle runs lunges to attack Satoshi once more. Satoshi pulls out a rope and lighter, He lassos the rope around the eagle and lights it on fire, sending the eagle down in flames.

"Oh yeah! I won. Its my birthday! It's my birthday! Kiss my buttcheaks, you dumb mutated eagle.

Satoshi hears large pounding footsteps in the distance. Suddenly a large blue half-goblin, half-golem creature jumps out of the sky.

"What the hell."

The golem runs towards Satoshi causing a massive earthquake.

"Kill Yamagata Satoshi!" The golem yells fiercely.

"Man not another one of these crazy -looking things. And how on earth does it know my name.

The golem drops down hard to the ground causing another quick but large earthquake.

A thirteen year old girl with pink hair, pink eyes, and a slim body figure a little shorter than Satoshi is standing on top of it. She's wearing a pink sun dress. With blue tennis shoes and pink laces.

I'm not sure how it knows your name. But us crazy looking things, prefer to be called Bakemono. Nice to meet you. I'm Sakura.
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Chapter 2: Sakura

Sato is staring at Sakura in awe. Sakura starts to speak, "So, are you gonna just sit there staring at me creepily or what?"

Sato snaps out of a daze, "Oh, sorry. I spaced out. Sato starts to get up. By the way, my name is Yamagata Satoshi. But my friends just call me Sato. So, you're a monster like those other things?

"Oh geez, I told you already. We're called Bakemono."

"Okay. So then what are Bakemono exactly?"

"You mean, you really don't know."

Sato shakes his head dumfounded.

"Geez you really are uninformed, aren't you Sato?

"You have no idea."

"Well then, in that case I'll explain it to you. You see up until about thirteen years ago, us Bakemono and humans lived together in peace and tranquility. But all that changed when one really despicable Bakemono known as the Warrior Bakemono, Niji, called war on the humans. In the end a human had used an ancient book to seal us away in. It was known as the Forbidden Book. And you and I are standing talking insi e of it now. Now like the human race the Bakemono race is very vast and unique. However we are split into two groups. The mindless Bakemono, like the ones you just saw today. And the and the free-willing Bakemono, like me. Plus, we're also divided into different sub-types, kinda like your ethnicities. For example I am strength Bakemono

"Yeah, no kidding." But how come you don't look all crazy-like. I mean you look like an ordinary thirteen year old girl.

"I know. Ever since I was a little girl I was abandoned because my parents called me ugly and thought I was a pathetic excuse for a Bakemono, since I had none of their features. No horns, like my father, or demon wings like mother. I'm a disgrace!" Sakura starts to bawl.

"I fail to see just how that's ugly. Hey, hey. Come on, don't cry. You're not ugly at all.

"You…you really think so?" Sakura starts to wipe away her tears.

"Yeah of course I do. Sure, I bet if you went to my school, you fit right in."

Sakura starts crying again

"What's wrong? Now why are you crying? Sato asks confused.

"You said that I would fit in at your school. But I'm not a human. So you think I look like a human to? I should be ashamed to have this Bakemono blood coursing through veins!?

"Geez, this chick sure is one heck of drama queen." Sato says to himself. "Hey Sakura! Stop crying would ya? Geez, sure you look like a human and all. But you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are. And if you were born a Bakemono. Well, I don't see any reason you can't be a proud Bakemono!"

"Sato…thank you.

"Well, now that that's over. See ya, I gotta go find so something to eat and then find a way out of here." Sato starts to walk off.

"Sato! Wait!

"Crap." Sato says under his breath. What is it, Sakura?"

"So you're a human right? Not a Bakemono?

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Well then, I have some bad news." Saukura says solemnly.

"Well could you hurry it up. 'Cause I really gotta get home."

"That's just it. You see, you can't go home!"

"What?! Why not?"

"Because when you entered the Forbidden Book, from outside. You became trapped. Now you will have to find your way through the end of the book, facing the most fearsome monsters of Bakemono history. All of them will come to destroy you. In fact even Bakemono who aren't part of this will still want you dead. Since most Bakemono nowadays hate humans ever since the war."


"Me not included. As a lot of other Bakemono hate me just for looking like one."


The ground begins to shake.

Sato looks around and says. "An earthquake."

Sakura nods, "Yep. From the golem Bakemono. "

"What him again?'

"Actually, her."

"What?! How can you tell?"

"The females work alone, males travel in packs. Don't act surprised. I knew I should've gone all out the first time. I won't make that mistake again!

Sakura runs by so fast the wind she left behind nearly knocks Sato over. The golem's hand starts to turn to a moss green shade of stone and aims its punch at Sakura's face but Sakura jumps up onto the golem's fist and starts running again. Sakura pulls back her fist and yells so loud it knocks all but one tree down. Then she releases her punch and sends the golem soaring into the clouds. Sakura lands flauntessly on her feet. The last tree collapses.

"Whoa, that was incredible!" Sato says shocked.

Sakura replies simply, "Yeah, I know. I am strength Bakemono after all."

A loud high-pitched squeal is heard in the distance.

"What was that just now?" Sato asks.

"I'm not sure. But is sounded like a little girl. Let's go check it out, okay?" Sakura says worried.

Sato reluctantly nods.
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Chapter 3: Rescue Mission

Sato and Sakura were running as fast as they could when they ran into a pack of Golem Bakemono. "So then I'm guessing these ones are male?" Sato glanced over at Sakura.

"Your guess is correct." Sakura took a ready position. "Come on, ya Golem's. What'cha waiting for?" And at those words the Golems charged at Sakura. One of them swung its giant stony fist at her. Sakura caught it and threw it to the ground. "Quick, Sato! Now's your chance. Get out of here!" Sakura yelled as she continued fighting the Golems.

Sato hesitated "But what about you?"

"I'll be fine, just go!" Sakura shouted impatiently.

Sato ran into unfamiliar woods, looking for a sign that someone was there.

"Hello, anyone here? If the little girl who was yelling for help is here, I'm here to rescue you." Sato leaps back startled as a huge 50x50 Spider Bakemono craws out of the hole in the tree. "Geez, I know I said I wanted a more interesting life. But all this crap is a little too much."

The Spider Bakemono lashes out at Sato while baring its fangs. Sato drops and rolls to the side. Sato picks up a tree branch and jabs at the Spider with it. The spider shoots at a huge cerulean blue web. Sato ducks and it lands on another tree instead. However as soon as it does the tree vaporizes into dust.

"Whoa, that's no ordinary, spider web." Sato gawks.

The spider then shoots another web at him. Sato dodges to the left and quickly uses his lighter to light the stick. He throws the flaming stick at the spider. "Brainstorm!" Hey, spidey? Wanna play?" Sato throws two more flaming tree branches at the Spider. And it starts continuously shooting webs at him while Sato dodges them all letting them end up on trees. Once all the trees have vaporized, Sato ducks another web and it ends up catching the Spider instead. The Spider Bakemono vaporizes into dust just like the trees had. "Oh, yeah. I have to go save that girl." Sato remembers.


"I'm coming" Sato runs in the direction of the girl's voice. Meanwhile Sakura was still fighting off the Golem Bakemono. All the Golem's unanimously shouted "Kill Yamagata Satoshi!"

"Sato's gone! What do you wanna kill him for anyway?" Sakura questioned, while she kept dodging and countering the Golem's blows.

One of the Golem's spoke up. "Master's orders!"

"Master? Who's your master?"

Another Golem joined in "You no need to know!"

"Oh really? Well then I guess I'll just have to make you tell me." Sakura smirked.

She picked up two of the Golem's and smashed them together. Some of the rocks from their bodies crumbled down. She then picked up another one and threw him down onto the whole pack, leaving them all unable to move. "Now start talking." Sakura said as she clapped dirt off her hands.

Sato had made it out of the forest and into a lakeside area. Past the lake was a huge tree and another spider web, but this one was a violet purple and it had a girl trapped in it.

"Help! Help!" The girl shrieked.

"Hey, I'm coming!" Sato hurried over. "I sure hope this lake isn't infested with man-eating Fish Bakemono. Or any Bakemono for that matter." Sato dives into the water head first. And starts swimming towards the other end.

"Somebody, help me!"

"Just hang on, kid. I'm coming for you!"

Sato reaches the other side of the lake. He notices a multiple Leech Bakemono sucking on his foot. And yanks it off disgusted and horrified.

"All I asked for was for it not to be infested with Bakemono. And what happens, it's infested with Bakemono." Sato shakes it off and heads toward the girl.

"Hey. Are you hear to save me?"

"Well, of course I am. Why else would I have risked my life diving into a lake full of Leech Bakemono? Just for the hell of it?

The girl giggles as Sato frees her from the web with a small flame on the tree branch. As her catches her Sato notices her angelic face and her silky snow white hair covering the sides of her face. And a orange tank top and a matching skirt and sandals on a small slim body that couldn't made her look any older than eleven. She gazes at him adoringly with her bright red eyes.

"Hey, kid. Wanna tell me your name?" Sato asks. "I'm Yamagata Satoshi."

The girl giggles again. "My name is Ai." And I'm a Magic Bakemono.
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Chapter 4: Ai

Sato didn't believe what he was hearing. "You're a Bakemono? But then why do you seem even more human than Sakura?"

Ai becomes puzzled. "I don't know. No one's ever told me that before."

Sato was doubtful. "You're kidding me, right? Am I being punk'd or something?

"Punk'd?" Ai says as she cocks her head to the side.

Sato puts it aside. "Never mind."

Ai starts new conversation "So your name is Satoshi right?"

"Well yeah, but you can just call me Sato if you want."

"Sa-to." Ai sounded out his name as if to see how well she liked it. Hm, can I call you something else instead?"

"Uh, sure. Like what?"

Ai put her finger on her lips trying to think. "A-ha! How about big brother?

Sato was shocked at Ai's openness. "Big brother?"

"You saved my and so now you're my big brother." AI said in a way that made it seems like this made perfect sense to her.

"Sure, that's what you can call me from now on. Now come on let's get you out of here. It's giving me the creeps."

Ai stops him, "Wait! No, we can't leave!

"What? Why not?

"Because…" Ai gasps," because of him!"

Sato makes out a bug bulky man coming out of the shadows with spiky jet black hair going all the way past his waist. Sato could only look into his eyes for a couple of seconds without trembling in fear, but what he could make it were pure red eyelids with no pupils. He had a long jet black to tail that matched his hair. He only wore blue ripped jean shorts. And he rank if a horrible smell that was something of a combination between dirty gym socks and cow manure.

Sato starts trembling. "Who are you?" Sato tries to sound brave.

"Hahhahahahaha!" The man's laugh echoes throughout the whole forest. "My name is Miharu and I am a Monkey Bakemono!" Miharu roars with pride.

"Why did you do this to Ai?" Sato questions Miharu.

"It's simply really. Because I can!"

"Because you can? Sato mumbles. "Because you can." Sato says a little louder this time clenching his fist. "That's your excuse?! Sato shouts at the top of his lungs.

Sato charges at Miharu pulling his fist back readying for a full force punch. Miharu catches it with his tail and yanks Sato the left until he slams into a tree.

Ai shrieks "Big brother!"

Sato starts coughing out some blood. "I'm fine, Ai." Sato struggles to rise to his feet. He then picks up a twig from the ground a pulls out his classic lighter and lights it on fire. "

"Hey tall dark, and butt ugly! Take this!" Sato throws the flaming twig at the Monkey Bakemono.

Miharu jumps into a tree branch with his tail. "Please, you'll have to better than that if you wanna defeat me. Miharu scoffs. "I'm not those pathetic mindless Bakemono, you've fought so far. I am one of the free-willing Bakemono! You are no match for me pathetic human! Not yet at least. But of course that's why you must die, Yamagata Satoshi!

"As if! The day I let you kill me, is the day, you learn about deodorant!" Sato runs toward Miharu and lifts his leg to side about to kick the Monkey Bakemono but Miharu is too fast and wraps his tail around Sato's leg and continuously pounds him into the ground." Sato screams out in pain. Ai watches in horror with her hands covering her mouth and looks away. Sato closes his eyes from the pain.

"Is this it? Am I really gonna die here?" Sato thinks to himself. "I guess it's all over now. Goodbye Mom and Kenji. And Sakura and Ai too. I wish I could've gotten to know you both a little better. "I'll miss you all. Goodbye."

"Noooooooooooooo!" Ai screams a blood curdling scream as Sato opens his eyes only to realize that he's not dead but instead inside a pure white shield surrounding him. He then looks up noticing that Ai now had huge fluffy white angel wings way too big for her small figure and a golden halo and pointy elf-like ears.

Sato manages to utter some words. "Ai, you did this? You saved me?

Ai nods "Yes, I don't wanna see anyone innocent die ever again."

"I see. Well I take back about when I said that you seemed more human than Sakura. Now thanks for your help. But I can take it from here."

Ai objects "Big brother no! You're gonna get hurt again!"

"Ai, I don't have a choice anymore. " Sato struggles as he walks while clutching his bleeding side. Blood was dripping from his mouth as well. "If you ever wanna get out of here, I have to take this guy down. And besides, his justification for kidnapping you …is despicable! I can't stand people like him!" Sato charges at Miharu once again only to get punched in the gut.

"Had enough yet?" Miharu smiles.

"Not yet." Sato retorts as he pulls out his pocket knife and cuts off the Monkey Bakemono's tail.

Miharu screams in rage, "How dare you! A Monkey Bakemono's tail is his pride and joy! And you just cut mine off!

"Yeah? Well I guess you should've thought of that before you went and pissed me off." Sato smirks.

Miharu yells out in raises his giant fist to smash Sato when suddenly Sakura jump kicks Miharu straight in the face causing him to stumble backwards.

"Looks like I made it just in time." Sakura walks over to Ai and a wounded Sato. "So then, is this the girl?"

Sato gets back on his feet, "Yeah."

"Here big brother let me help." Ai places her hands over Sato's gashes and they are immediately healed.

"Big brother?" Sakura crosses her arms looking sternly at Sato.

"Hey, it's not like that okay! She just wants to call me big brother because I saved her life.

"Oh really? Didn't I save your life like twice now? Maybe you should start calling me big sister." Sakura teases Sato.

Sato looks offended. "Not gonna happen."

Miharu charges towards Sakura with a tight fist, Sakura catches the punch but as soon as she does she begins to lose her grounding on her feet.

Miharu laughs, "Ah, you three have made by day. Thinking that you're a match for the great Miharu, the Monkey Bakemono!"

Sakura grimaces "I have question for you, Miharu. You're the one who sent the Eagle and Golem Bakemono after Sato, aren't you?"

"Why of course I am!" Miharu gloats. "Of course I got sidetracked by this little girl, since I knew that she would also make me a lot of money."

"Money?" Sato tried to gain more information.

"Yes, you see personally I couldn't care less whether you live or die. However my client who has hired me does. He wants you dead! And I'll get a lot of money out of it."

"Who? Who wants me dead?!"

"None other than the famous Warrior Bakemono Niji." Miharu says coldly.

Saukura panics "No, not him! Anyone but him!"

While Sakura was distracted Miharu gained the advantage and kicked her off her feet and smashed her into the ground.

"Sakura" Sato shouts as he runs over to her. "Are you okay?"

Sakura spits some dirt out of her mouth. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay, good. Sakura, Ai, listen I have a plan." Sato starts whispering to Sakura.

Sato runs in ready to attack Miharu from behind but Miharu easily notices him and becomes insulted, "How stupid do you think I am incompetent fool!

Miharu turns around and is about to punch Sato in the chest when Sakura comes up from under him and lifts him up to throw him onto a bridge above the lake. Saukura then throws Sato up there as well.

"What was the point of that? Not a very clever escape plan, if you ask me." Miharu mocked.

Ai had just thrown the spider web that she had previously been held captive in, into the lake. It eventually dissolved and she gave Sato a thumbs up. Sato nods, signaling that he saw her thumbs up. He then takes out his lighter and sets the bridge on fire. He jumps off the bridge but as soon as he does Sakura lassoes the rope around him and yanks him backs over to the ground. Miharu however falls into the lake infested with the Leech Bakemono. He tries to escape but the sticky substance from the web holds him in place. And Sato lights another stick on fire and chucks it into the lake. Sending it along with Miharu and all the other Leech Bakemono up in flames.

Sakura turns to face Sato. "Well Sato, I gotta admit, that was a pretty impressive strategy you came up with."

"Well thanks but it was really just more of off the wall thinking." Sato scratches his head.

"My big brother is awesome! He's cute and really smart and clever too!" Ai jumped with joy hugging Sato once she finished speaking."

Something dawns on Sakura. "Hey, I know who you are!

AI's expression suddenly turns uncomfortable and nervous. "You do?"

Sakura is assured, "Of course. You're the only child of the Royal Family in the Kingdom of Sihalia. And you can only use defensive and healing magic."

Ai was clearly insulted "Only? I'll have you know I happened to be very proud what I can do!" She said puffing out her cheeks.

Sato is absolutely lost "Sihalia?"

Sakura explains to him, "Sihalia is the central kingdom of Oldhedge Country. We're in Oldhedge right now. The Royal Family lives in the kingdom of Sihalia. And Ai is the princess of Sihalia."

"Okay, so then what's she doing so far away from Sihalia?" Sato remarks.

Sakura shakes her head and looks down at Ai. "Ask her not me."

Ai looks up at Sato and Sakura. She starts shifting her feet. "Well you see, I sort of ran away from home.

Sato doesn't understand. "But you're royalty, why would you wanna run away?"

"That's why! Because I'm royalty. It's so boring, I don't ever get to do anything fun. I wanna have an adventure and see the world!"

Sakura begins to speak, "Well, I guess you can come along with us if you want."

Sato butts in, "Us? What do you mean by us?"

"Please, you don't honestly think you're gonna find your way out of her all by your lonesome do you?

"Well, I was planning to." Sato mumbles."

"Wait a minute! Where are you going big brother?" Ai asks with a worried expression.

"You see the thing is, Ai. I'm not a Bakemono, I'm human. I got sucked into this world from the Forbidden Book.

Sakura punches Sato causing him to land flat on his face. "Idiot! You can't just go around telling everyone you see that you're a human and think everything's going to be all fine and dandy! Remember most Bakemono hate humans!"

"I'm sorry Sakura." Sato pouts. Sato gets back up and get serious. "Okay, Sakura. So then how do I get out of here."

"Well, I'm not too sure myself. But since the King of Sihalia is a Magic Bakemono. We may be able to get some information from him."

"No, I don't wanna go back there! He'll make me stay there forever!" Ai whined.

Sato bent down to her level so he could look at her in the eyes. "Don't worry, if you don't wanna stay you don't have, I'll make sure of it." Sato assured her. Ai's eyes lit up and Sato stood straight up again. "Come on, let's go to Sihalia.
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is this supposed to be a 4-koma cus it reads like it would be
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Boomsickle wrote:

is this supposed to be a 4-koma cus it reads like it would be

I guess I kinda made it like that on accident.
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Chapter 6: Sato's Moral and Sakura's Feelings

Sato, Sakura, and Ai continue walking to Sihalia. Ai plops down on the ground. "My legs are tired." She pouted.

Sato rubbed the back of his head trying to think. "Well, aren't we close to Sihalia? Can't you just preserve?

Ai shook her head. And Sakura offered an idea. "Sihalia is close. But there are some hot springs a little whole away from here. We could stop there if you want, Ai?

Sato interrupts "You guys have hot springs here?"

"Of course we do. Why wouldn't we?"

"I-uh, just you know? Never mind" Sato pushed it aside not wanting to get on Sakura's bad side.

Sakura turned back to face Ai. "So, what do you say?"

"I say, let's go! But um, big brother, can you carry me?" Ai spreads out her arms. "Please?"

Sakura chuckles and Sato becomes a little embarrassed. "You're serious?"

Ai just smiles and keeps her arms spread out waiting for Sato to pick her up. After a while the group finally reaches the hot springs and Ai jumps off of Sato's back and stares at the hot springs with joy, "Yay, we're here!"

Sakura starts walking, "Come on Ai. Let's go.

"But I wanna go in the hot springs with big brother." Ai whines.

Sato becomes flustered, "What are you talking about?! You can't bathe with me!"

"Why, why not?" Ai starts to cry.

"Shame on you Sato. You just made poor little Ai cry. Do just hate kids or something?" Sakura jokes.

"Hey! You know that's not true!" Sato retorts.

"Whatever. Come on Ai, leave the big meanie alone." Sakura walks off with Ai.

Sato grunts. "Whatever." He takes off his clothes and gets into the hot springs. He sighs already relaxed and soothes from the hot springs. An Ostrich shaped Bakemono with a bronze beak and worm for a tongue sits down next to Sato. Sato tires to ignore it and slowly moves away. But it keeps moving closer. They keep doing this going around in circles faster and faster until the Ostrich like Bakemono jumps onto Sato and holds him down.

The Ostrich shaped Bakemono laughs a disturbing laugh that makes it sounds like he's having s a seizure. "So you really thought you could outrun a speed Bakemono? What a fool!

"Get off me, ya creep!"

"Who are you calling a creep?!" You disrespectable, little whippersnapper! Now use your manners and perhaps I will think of letting you go.

Sato's eyebrow starts to twitch irritated. "Please, get off of me, sir.

"Ah, that's more like it." The Speed Bakemono gets up off of Sato and introduces himself. "My name is Bunka and am I the elder of a nearby village.

"Well, I'm Yamagata Satoshi. I would say it's nice to meet you but ya know. You kinda attacked me for no reason, so yeah." Sato says awkwardly.

Bunka snorts, "No good reason, my ass! You kept running away from me like I was some wild best or something!

"That's because you look like one!"

Bunka suddenly becomes quiet and just sighs. "So then, you're like the rest of them, huh?

"What you mean like the rest of them?" Sato inquired.

"Every free-willing Bakemono always mistakes me for a mindless Bakemono. And not just me either, there are plenty of others like me who get killed by them without even giving us a chance. In fact even some of the mindless Bakemono don't deserve the fate they get. Thousands of them are killed without a problem, like its like stepping on a pebble. The world moves on, right? Wrong. I mean can you honestly say, you've never killed a mindless Bakemono who never even bothered you?

"Of course I..." Sato pauses and thinks back. "Can't."

Bunka sighs again, "So you see, that's what I mean by you're just like the rest of them." Bunka stares up at the sky and Sato feeling nervous descends lower into the water. Meanwhile in the Women's hot springs Sakura and Ai were having a nice time. Sakura stretches out her arms yawns, "Ah, this is so relaxing."

"Yeah, it's really nice." Ai agrees. "So Sakura, I was wondering. Do you like Sato?

"Of course I do. I mean, he's pretty cool and reliable most of the time. He's definitely a good friend to have.

Ai shakes her head. "You know do you likelike him?"

Sakura blushes. "Uh, well I just met the guy. He's a real smartass at times but he sure is fun to mess around with. Plus he has the potential to be a really good fighter."

Ai mimics a mouth talking with her hand, "Blah blah. Boring! I meant do you think he's cute and you wanna be his girlfriend?" Ai gets cat-like smile on her face, "And do you wanna kiss him? I know I do."

An embarrassed Sakura shoves Ai down into the water. Ai comes back up and takes a big breath, "Hey that was mean! What did you do that for?!"

Sakura's back is now facing Ai so she won't see the obvious blush painted on her face. "No reason." Ai just crosses her arms and huffs.

"Maybe one day, I just might though." Sakura thinks to herself.

Back in the Men's hot springs Sato and Bunka just finished drying off. Sato puts on his shirt and notices Bunka putting on a shirt as well. It was a simple blue polo but it still felt odd to Sato, seeing it on something like Bunka. Bunka notices Sato staring at him strangely. "What is it?"

"Oh, it's just um, your shirt…" Sato catches a glimpse of a Bunka giving him a warning glare. "I, uh just spaced out that's all." Sato laughs awkwardly. Out of nowhere a giant silver rose-like Bakemono with a bee's stinger lashes out at Sato but he jumps back just in the nick of time.

"Bunka, since this thing attacked us first, it's okay to kill it, right?" Sato quickly turns around and notices that Bunka is running away. "Every man for himself!"

"What a wimp. Oh well. Illustrate!" Sato raises his left arm and his sword forms in his hands. "Looks like I'll be fighting alone this time, I sure hope I don't die. But I probably will." Sato runs readying his sword for an attack. But the Rose Bakemono manages to strike first with its roots shooting up out of the ground. Sato barely manages to dodge them getting scraped or by one occasionally. Sato then realizes he's trapped inside of all the roots. "Please, this is no challenge for my brain." Sato swings his sword to cut the roots but they stay firmly planted with not even the slightest indication of being cut.

"Okay, maybe it's a little bit of a challenge. Sato sits down trying to think and lets his sword disappear. The Rose Bakemono doesn't give him much time though because it flies over above Sato with its stinger aimed straight at him. Sato starts knocking on his head. "Damn it Sato, think!"

As the Rose Bakemono plunges down, Sato reaches his right arm over head in the direction of the Rose Bakemono and his left arm straight in front of him. "Illustrate!" A small but sturdy iron shield forms in his right hand and an iron axe in his left.

"Darn it! I wanted them to be bigger. Oh well, gotta work with what I got now." Sato tosses the shield up in the air with the Rose Bakemono in it as high as he could. He then starts chopping the roots with the axe as fast as he can knowing he only has a limited amount of time before the Bakemono came back down from being airborne. When it did, he just finished cutting down the last root and rolled out of the way from an angry Rose Bakemono whose stinger had ripped through the middle of the iron shield.

Sato swings the axe and slices the Rose Bakemono in half and splatters silver colored blood all over his clothes. "Oh, that's sick." Sato begins to get pale. He then starts thinking about his earlier discussion with Bunka and puts his right hand over his heart. "From now on, I will never kill a Bakemono without a valid reason. I swear on my life!" A little while later Sato met back up with Sakura and Ai and they walked up to the gates of Sihalia. Sato looks up at the enormous highly guarded gates awe-struck.

"We're finally here, in front of the gates to the Kingdom of Sihalia."
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Chapter 7: Destination Reached: Kingdom of SIhalia

Ai walked up and entered in a combination. Sihalia's large gates opened up and let everyone in. Sato was amazed by how big the city was. "I knew it was gonna be big. But I never thought it would look like this.

"Silly big brother. Of course it's gonna look like this. It's the largest Kingdom in all of Oldhedge Country." Ai skipped along casually. "Come on, I'll show you around."

Sato turned to Sakura, "But aren't we here to talk to the King. Do we really have time for a tour?"

"We have plenty of time. It's not like we made reservations or anything." Sato and Sakura stopped their conversation when they noticed a bunch of Bakemono hounding Ai and asking her questions. Ai was talking and making cute poses and gestures.

Sato and walked over to Ai. "Hey Ai. What's going on?"

Ai spins around with a big grin on her face. "Oh nothing, these guys just missed me, that's all."

"Um, okay. So are you gonna show us around or what?"

"Alrighty come on guys! First I'll show you my favorite place! It's so fun there!" Ai continued skipping along. Sato and Sakura followed a couple of steps behind. Once Ai finally stopped they were at a playground. Well sort of, it was basically just a picnic area with a swing set, but Ai sure seemed to love it.

"Come on big brother, push me!"

"But Ai, we don't have time."

Ai gave Sato the puppy dog eyes and whimpered "Please, just for a little while?"

Sato gave in, "Fine, you win. Just for five minutes. And then we're going to speak with the king okay?"

"Okay. Now push me!"

Sato pushed Ai as she was laughing and having a blast on the swing. "Yay! This is so much fun! Isn't it big brother?"

Sato sighed, "Yep sure is. Hey Sakura, you wanna have some fun?"

Sakura was sitting on the grass nearby. "Nope, it's all your enjoy.

After a couple hours when Sato had it with Ai and the swing set. He picked her up and the group eventually made it to the castle. They were immediately greeted by a big bulky guard. "State your names and business here." He demanded.

Sato put Ai down and walked up to the guard. "I'm Sato. And I'm here to speak with the King about something private.

The guard was visibly insulted. "And what makes you think his Majesty has time to waste on private discussions with peasants like you?

Sato was getting impatient. "I don't really give a damn! I just have something I need to discuss with him And that doesn't concern you.

The guard reached into his sheath and slowly pulled out his sword. Ai notices the guard's bade and stepped in front of Sato with her arms spread. "Stop! Don't hurt him. I am Princess Ai. Now since I am with him, will you let us go, so we can speak to my father confidentially?"

The guard slides his sword back into his sheath, and sighs "I had received word the Princess had returned. Very well, go ahead." As Ai and Sakura walk into the castle the guard growls at Sato, "I don't like you."

Sato grunts, "Feeling's mutual."

"I'm watching you punk." The guard warns as Sato walks into the castle. He is immediately greeted by the King's cold stare. Sato was bewildered by how much he looked nothing like Ai. Unlike Ai's angelic face his was rough and although he shared Ai's bright red eyes he had a stern expression on his features. And his short jet black hair was clean cut.

The King cleared his throat. "Who dares enter my castle without a proper salutation for someone of my status?" As the King spoke his deep bass-like voice echoed through the castle walls.

Sato had no idea what the King was talking about. Luckily for him, Sakura did. He looked over to her and she mouthed the word, "Bow." She was already bowing herself. Sato nervously got down and started bowing as well. Sakura mouthed another word, "Idiot."

The King spoke with his booming voice again. "Now for introductions. My name is King Akio, a Magic Bakemono. And I am the ruler of Oldhedge Country. And General of the Sihalia Army. And who might you two be?"

Sakura spoke first, "I am Sakura, strength Bakemono. Daughter of the Lieutenant of the Greydale Army, Masaru."

Sato went next, "I'm Sato." He remembered that he couldn't let anyone else know that he was a human. And since Bakemono seemed to use their type rather than a last name, he figured he should do the same. "And I am a Warrior Bakemono." He didn't know why he picked Warrior. It just seemed to roll of his tongue.

"Very well. You may stand." King Akio commanded. "Now I thank you for returning my daughter to me. Goo day to you both."

Sato blurts out, "Wait a minute! No!"

Akio glared down at Sato. "Excuse me?"

Sato walks up closer to the King. "With all due respect your Majesty. We didn't come here to bring Ai back to you. As a matter of fact, she's staying with us. What we really came her for was to ask you an important question concerning the Forbidden Book.

The King suddenly had a gloomy look in his eyes. "Okay then. Please join me for dinner. We'll discuss it then."

Once it was time for dinner, everyone went into the kitchen. Sato wondered why there needed to be such a big table when only three people actually lived here. He shrugged and sat down between Sakura and Ai. As Akio was cutting up his steak he looked at Sato. "So what did you wanna discuss with me young man?

Sato barely heard King Akio while he was stuffing his face. And he started speaking with his mouth full of food. "I wanna know about the last human who entered the Forbidden Book."

King Akio couldn't understand Sato at all. "I'm sorry. What was that?"

Sakura whispers to Sato. "Stop being such a goofball. Act mature. We'll the King's guest! So don't talk with your mouth full.

Sato gulps all of his food down. "Sorry. Anyway, I wanna know how the human who entered the Forbidden Book years ago got out."

King Akio took a sip of his water. "Oh. Well I can answer that very easily. He didn't."

Sato, Saukura, and Ai all gasp. Sato leans forward. "So then say if another human were to enter the Forbidden Book. How would he leave?"

Akio sets his glass down. "One way and one way only. Find the Warrior Bakemono Niji. He has the Magical Sword Heiwa no Jigen. It allows the wielder to travel through dimensions peacefully and without interruption. It's the one surefire way for a human to get out of here safely."

Sato nods, "So where is this Niji guy then?"

The Queen dabs her mouth with her napkin. Sato thought the Queen looked a little too much like Ai. Angelic face, white hair, red eyes and all. The only difference he could spot was the Queen's mature and responsible demeanor. "Just beyond this kingdom, there is a small village yu will have to pass through a cave to get there. The village is connected by a bride to Fairport City. Fairport City has a ferry every day. You can take them and head ad over to Silverwald Country. I believe that's where Niji is currently residing. However he constantly changes towns and cities. So you'll have to find all that out for yourself. By the way, I believe I have yet to introduce myself. I am Queen Hikari.

Akio puts his silverware and napkin on his plate neatly. "Now what is this about my daughter staying with you?"

Sato gulped. He had hoped this wouldn't come up. But since had, the only thing he could do now was suck it up and deal with the consequences of telling the King his runaway daughter was refuses to stay with him. "Listen, your Majesty. It's nothing personal against you. But you see the thing is Ai doesn't wanna be cooped up in this castle anymore. She wants to explore the world is all.

Akio started laughing. "Oh well why didn't you just say so, baby?"

Ai spoke for the first time since she walked into the castle. "You mean, you're okay with it?"

"Why of course I am. I traveled around when I was younger too, you know? So you might as well follow in my footsteps. When your older of course."

"When I'm older? But then, what's the point?! Sato will be gone by then!" Ai runs off.

Akio turns to Sato. "What does she mean by that?"

Sato shrugs nervously. "Who knows?"

Akio has a suspicious look in his eye but lets it go, "I'll go after her."

Sato puts his arm out in front of Akio. "No, I'll go." As soon as Sato runs out of the castle he trips over something. "Damn, why is it so dark out already? Ai! Ai! Where are you?!" Sato hears someone sobbing in the distance. "A-ha! That has to be Ai. He follows the sound of the crying and sure enough there was Ai, sitting on a log by a lake. "Hey Ai! I found you."

Ai starts wiping her tears, "What do you want, Sato?"

Sato blinks, "What? No big brother?"

Ai just turns away and gives him the cold shoulder. Sato gently pushes her. "Come on, talk to me. What's wrong? Are you mad at me or something?"

Ai glances back at Sato. "Why didn't you say anything when my Dad said, I had to wait until I'm older to leave home."

"Well, I was going to but you just ran out so fast, I never got the chance. Speaking of which, I have a question for you. I thought you just wanted to see the world? Whats it matter if I'm with you or not?"

Ai shook her head, "Sakura's right. You are an idiot. I wanna travel with you and Sakura, all of together. It's so much fun and I don't ever want it to end."

Sato didn't know what to say. But he knew he had to say something. "I can't promise you that it will never end. Although what we can do is have as much fun as possible until it does." Sato smiles. "Now come on, let's go tell your Dad you're leaving. Little sister. Sato holds out his hand and Ai beams. Once Sato and Ai make it back to the castle, Sato tells the Akio about Ai's decision to leave anyway.

"Well, I guess there's nothing I can do, if she will just run away again. Just promise me this Sato. Don't let anything happen to my precious daughter. Protect her with your life!" Akio commands.

Sato bows, "Yes, sir. I promise."

Sakura laughs so hard she doubles over. "Oh my gosh. Sato protect Ai? As if! He's the one who needs protecting. He almost gets killed like every day!"

Sato frowns "Shut up!"

The next morning, Sato, Ai, and Sakura said their goodbyes to King Akio and Queen Hikari. Ad headed off for the cave they would have to pass through to get to the nearby village. Unknowing to what lurked in said cave waiting for them. A dark shadowy figure in the cave enveloped its claw-like hands in flames. "I smell a human."
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Chapter 8: Arashi

When Sato and co. went into the cave Ai immediately grabbed Sato's arm. "I'm scared."

Sato comforted her, "Don't worry. We'll be out soon."

Ai didn't look so sure, "Okay."

Sato started walking carefully, "Anyone have a flashlight?"

Sakura an Ai both shook their heads. Sato sighed, "Well then, I guess as usual it's up to me."

Sakura sneered, "Okay, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Sato.

Sato grunts, "Just shut up and come on." He pulls out his lighter and lights up a stick to use as a torch.

Sakura is looking around when she notices a light other than Sato's coming from the right side of the cave. "Hey, Sato. Look over there."

"What is it Sakura?" Sato turns to see the light emitting from the other side of the cave. "Come on. Let's go check it out. Stay behind me okay?"

Sakura responds "Sure. So just asking in advance but would you like me or Ai to clean up your blood?"

Sato sighs, "Just come on." Sato leads everyone further into the cave where the light is coming from and bumps into something. "Hey, what was that?"

"So then. You're the human I've been smelling." A young boy about fifteen is standing in front of Sato. His sapphire blue eyes burning with rage.

"Who are you and how can you smell humans?" Sato tries to ask calmly to avoid bowing his cover.

The teenager snicker. "My name is Arashi and I'm a Fire-Bat Bakemono. So that's how I can smell you." He replies grabbing his red jacket proudly.

Sato notices his bat wings and flaming claw-like hands. "Oh, I see."

Sakura looks uneasy, "But how is that possible? "The Fire-Bat Bakemono are all supposed to be dead."

Sato turns to Sakura, "How come?"

"You don't need to know, human! "Cause you're about to die yourself! Arashi shouts as he extends his arms back and runs toward Sato, his bare feet clapping on the ground. The distance quickly decreased between them. "Die!" Arashi bring his flaming claws forward and slashes at Sato's neck.

"He's fast!" Sato thought as he barely managed to roll out of the way. "Crap. This dude isn't playing around." Sato rose his arm pictured a gleaming silver sword with a deadly sharp blade and shouted, "Illustrate!" It appeared firmly in his hand and he inhaled and calmly swung it to his side. "I think I'm getting used to this."

Arashi snickered, "Good. Cause it's the last time, you'll ever be using it in this life!" Arashi swung his flaming claws at Sato again. Sato was struggling to dodge his attacks getting injured after every one of Arashi's blows.

Sakura was starting to get worried. "Sato needs my help! Watch our backs, okay Ai?

Ai pounded her chest, "You got it!"

Sakura nodded, "Good." She sprinted towards Arashi from behind and extended her leg ready to kick him at full force.

Arashi ducked and countered with a blazing kick of his own. "You're strong alright. A Strength Bakemono, I believe? But you're not fast enough to take me on. You can't rely on pure Strength alone to win your fights!"

Sato runs towards Arashi and swings his sword at a low angle planning to knock Arashi off his feet. But Arashi grabs onto the sword and jumps up into the air keeping him elevated with his wings. "Well, it would've been a good plan. If your opponent couldn't fly." Arashi laughs.

"Damn it! How could I have forgotten something so simple?! I'm losing it."

"Now prepare to die, human!"

Arashi crosses his arms in front of him in an x-shape and soars down at Sato slowly turning them out preparing to slice him in half. Sakura desperately tries to run to Sato's aid but it is clear that she won't get there in time. As soon as Arashi makes contact he realizes it wasn't with Sato but with a golden colored barrier shield.

Sato opens his eyes and notices he's inside a familiar shield and looks over to Ai. "Don't you worry, I'll protect you big brother. You just keep on fighting!"

"Damn shield! That girl has to go." Arashi runs for Ai with is burning claws. While Sato and Sakura desperately try to catch up, Arashi is already right behind Ai.

Sato and Sakura both shout in unison. "Ai, no!" When suddenly an avalanche occurs.

"Oh no. We gotta get out of here. Hey, if you survive this, meet me on the outside of this cave. We'll finish our fight there." Arashi flies off swiftly avoiding the avalanche until he slams into a giant Rock Bakemono.

Sato looks up at the huge Bakemono man entirely constructed of rocks. "Come on! We have to find another way out and quick!"

Ai looks over at an unconscious Arashi. "What about him?"

"What about him?" Sato answers with a question."

"Aren't we gonna help him."

Sato looks at Ai perplexed. "But he tried to kill you, me, and Sakura."

Ai shakes her head, "He didn't mean it."

"How can you tell?"

"I'm a Magic Bakemono, remember? I am able to read people's true thoughts and feelings. Not entirely as good as my parents can but right when I put up the shield I could tell his attack was too weak to kill you.. He never wanted to kill any of us. He does despise humans but he never would've actually killed you, Sato. He couldn't bring himself to."

Sat looks over at Arashi, "Fine. I'll go get him."

Sato starts walking when Sakura grabs his arm, "How are you going to get him without getting caught by the Rock Bakemono?"

"Oh right. I forgot." Sato laughs scratching the back of his head. "I know!" He pulls out his rope and manages to loop it around Arashi and pull him back. "Now let's get out of here."

Once everyone reaches safety, Arashi starts to wake up, "Where am I?"

Sakura answers, "You're still in the cave. You were about to leave when you got knocked out by crashing into that Rock Bakemono, remember?"

Arashi rubs his parted orange haired head, "Oh yeah." He immediately stood up, "So why are you guys helping me?!"

"Geez, ever hear of thank you? Just shut up and be grateful we didn't leave your ass in the avalanche."

"What did you say to me?" Arashi asks irritably.

"I said you should be thanking us for not letting you die in this cave where you belong!"

"I knew I should've killed you when I had the chance!"


Sakura steps in "Guys calm down. We don't have time to be fighting each other right now. We have to take down the Rock Bakemono and get out of this place in one peace. If you waste time fighting like this Sato. We'll never find Niji."

"Hold on. Did you just say you're looking for Niji? As in the Warrior Bakemono Niji?"

Sato responds for Sakura, "Yeah, what of it?"

"Do you know where he is?"

Sato smirks, "Yes I do, actually. But I'm not telling you."

"You asshole tell me where he is right now!" Arashi yells furiously as he chokes Sato by his shirt.

Sakura answers Arashi, "We don't know exactly but he's somewhere in Silverwald Country. Queen Hikari told us that he changes where in Silverwald Country every day."

Arashi drops Sato carelessly on the ground. "Silverwald Country, huh?"

Sato gets up rubbing his butt, "What's the big deal, anyway? Why do you wanna fin Niji so bad?

"That's none of your business human!"

"Okay! First of all, would you stop calling me human! My name is Sato! And second of all, it was a just question; you don't have to get all pushy about it!"

"Please, Arashi." Sakura says endearingly. "Since we have the same goal in mind. We would like to know your reason for pursuing him. And if we do it will help as become closer as we travel together."

"What?! Sato interrupts. "Who said he could come with us?!

"We did obviously. We had a unanimous vote on it." Sakura answered.

"I don't remember any vote."

"Well, you shouldn't." Sakura said simply. You weren't included. Only me and Ai voted."

"Say what?!"

Sakura laughs, "So, come on Arashi. Please tell us why you're pursuing Niji."

Arashi sighs, "Don't I get a say in this? Fine. Well as I'm sure you and the little one know, the Fire-Bat Bakemono have all been wiped out about nine years ago. However, I am the sole survivor. No one knows the mysterious Bakemono who wiped out all of them. No one except me. The Warrior Bakemono Niji killed my family and so now I'm gonna kill him. And after Niji, you're next, human."

Sato scoffs "Yeah, right."

"Do you wanna be burned to a crisp, punk?!" Arashi yells as his claws start burning again.

Sakura asks Arashi another question, "So then, why you hate humans, so much?"

"Don't you two? You are also a Bakemono after all."

Sakura shakes her head, "No, I was out casted for looking like a human. And Ai is too young to know about the War."

Arashi nods, "I see. Well I actually don't hate humans because of the War. I hate them because the last Illustrator killed my father.

The Rock Bakemono then comes running in blindly smashing the ground. Everyone jumps out of the way. Sato picks up his sword which surprisingly hasn't disappeared yet and ran at full force ready to cut off one of the Rock Bakemono's legs. But Arashi came running dashing with his flaming claws, "I got it." Arashi jumped up into mid-air, now flying with his bat wings and started slashing away at the Rock Bakemono in pure fury, "Embarrass me by knocking me out while I was distracted, will you! Prepare to die!" As Arashi brings his leg upward in front of him for a kick it starts igniting "Say your prayers!" Arashi shouts as he brings his kick down slamming it onto the Rock Bakemono's head and causing it to collapse into dust. Arashi lands flawlessly on his feet. And that's how it's done, human."

"If you call me human one more time, I swear…"

Arashi ignores Sato, "So Sakura, right? Where are we headed to next?"

"We're going to a small village just beyond this cave. Oh look an exit!"

"So then, we're almost there." Arashi looks over at Sato and grins, "Hurry up or you're gonna slow us down. Human."

Sato articulates the words, "I…hate…you."
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Chapter 9: Demon of Woodlake Village

The silver sun was beginning set into the purple evening sky when Sato and co. had just made out of the cave. Arashi puts his hands in his green cargo shorts pockets. "It's going to get dark soon. We better find a place to rest."

Sato becomes irked and points at Arashi, "Hey! Who died and made you leader?!"

Arashi calmly turns halfway turns Sato notching his head back, "You have a better idea, human?" Sato can't answer and Arashi smirks in response, "I thought so."

"Why don't you just shut up, you stupid bat pyro!" Sato shouts.

Arashi turns all the way around and shouts back, "Just because I'm a Fire-Bat Bakemono doesn't make me a pyro!"

"Oh yeah? Well then what are you? A jackass?"

"No that's you! Now shut up before I burn you to a crisp!" Arashi threatens.

"I knew it you are a pyro!"

While Sato and Arashi keep yelling in the background, Sakura was carrying a knocked out Ai. "Geez, are those two ever gonna get along?" She sighs.

Sato looks around, "Hey guys. I see a village up ahead. Let's go check it out, okay?"

Once they all make it over to the village, Sato is greeted by a familiar face. "Hello Sato. Long time no see.

Sato raises his eyebrows, "Bunka? You live in this village?"

Bunka snorts, "Please I don't just live in it I am the Elder, remember."

Sato laughs, "Well, it's good to see you again. Hey would you mind if my friends and I stayed her overnight?"

Buna ignoring Sato's request runs over to Sakura, checking out her features. "Whoa, Sato! You never told me you had such a lovely developed girl travelling with you."

"Yeah and you never told me you were such a perv." Sato mumbles.

Bunka grabs Sakura's chest which leads her to shriek and knock Bunka hard face-first into the ground. "I'm not a perv; I'm just looking for love."

Arashi looks disgusted, "Oh yeah? What kind of sick love are you looking for?"

"Someone just please get me out of here." Bunka whines.

Sato bends down to Bunka's level and gets a mischievous grin, "First give us a place to stay, then maybe we'll think about it."

"Okay, deal! You can stay at my place, just behind all those trees over there. Now hurry up and get me out of here!"

Sato walks away waving the back of his hand, "I said we'd think about it. Later, Bunka." Once they made it to Bunka's house, Sato plopped down on his butt, "Phew! I'm beat. Wake me up when you guys find Niji."

Sakura sits down next to Sato, "If we find Niji and you're sleeping. We'll probably let him kill you."

Sato sits straight up, "What?!"

Sakura chuckles, "Relax, I'm just messing with you. Now get some sleep."

Arashi was standing over by the corner with his arms folded. "Why do you guys wanna find Niji anyway?" Arashi was staring at Sakura and Ai who was still asleep. "I know why Sato does. But what is your reason for doing so?"

Sakura puts her finger to her lips trying to think, "Hm. Good question. I guess it's just because we both wanna help Sato. He's our friend. Wouldn't you wanna help your friend out if they needed it?

Arashi's answer shocked Sakura, "No. Why would I? When I have none?"

Sakura felt a little tense, "Well, we're you're friends."

Arashi turned to face the window and stare at the blue and orange moons in the starry night sky. "Were' not friends. You just met me. Listen, I get that you're trying to make me feel better. But don't need your pity or your sympathy or your friendship. And as far as I'm concerned the enemy of my enemy I not my friend but my ally. Nothing less nothing more."

For the rest of the night Sakura and Arashi were silent until they both fell asleep. When the sun rose the next morning, Arashi was the last to wake. He walked out into the kitchen where everyone else was eating breakfast. Bunka must've managed to get out of the hole because he was there also.

Sakura tossed a fork to Arashi who caught it with ease in his right hand. "Morning sleepy head. Come have breakfast with us." She said as she was cutting up her waffle.

Arashi walked up to the table and sat down. "Not hungry"

Ai swallowed a piece of her waffle. "Come on Arashi. Its really good. "Are you sure you don't want any?"

Arashi's hands were now folded on the table, "I'm sure."

A man who looked similar to Bunka although several years younger ran in through the door causing everyone's heads to turn towards him. "Dad! The Demon Bakemono is attacking again!" The man panicked.

Worry and anger seemed to strike Bunka's face at the same time, "Its back again, huh? Kiyoshi, come on let's go. Once you four finish eating, you should get going."

Sato objects with a mouth full of food, "No way! We wanna help you."

Sakura agree while Bonking Sato on the head, "Yeah. It's the least we could do after you gave us a place to sleep and a nice morning meal."

Arashi speaks up "We can't help him out. Our main objective is to find Niji. We don't have time to be lounging around helping out pathetic villagers who can't fight for themselves."

Sato was pretty much pissed off at Arashi now. "How can you say that?! If it wasn't for Bunka. We would've be sleeping on the cold hard ground unsheltered."

Arashi sighs, "Fine if you wanna help them go ahead. But I'm staying."

"Okay we will Come on guys." Sato and the others walk out the door.

Arashi's face falls into his hands, "Never again."

Once outside everyone is immediately greeted by the horrific sight of the pure black skyscraper-sized Demon Bakemono smashing its giant fists on the puny village houses in comparison. It roars so loud and knocks all of the trees covering Bunka's house down.

Sato's kegs were shaking, "So uh, who's' first?"

Sakura was irked by this, Idiot! Stop whining and fight!"

"Easy for you to say." Sato mumbled as he to hide behind a bush where he was sure no one could see him.

The Demon Bakemono smashed his fist down planning to clobber Sakura but she jumps out of the way and avoids the Demon's fist and the shadows that swallowed the ground it hade made contact with. "Damn. Hey Ai! Put up a shield around the village."

Ai was standing next to Bunka and Kiyoshi. "Around the whole village? I guess I can try." Ai puts out her arms in front of her as her hands start glowing and her hair blows up form the magic energy she was radiating, revealing her elf-like ears. Her huge angel wings sprout out from her back and a golden halo appears above hers head Simultaneously as the pure white shield appears around the village.

Sakura closely dodged another one of the Demon's blows. She then spun im nid-air and kicked the Demon clear out of the shield protecting the village. "Now its just you and me punk. Sato, you better hurry your ass up and come up with something.

"Okay here goes everything." Sato stretches out his arm as if he's holding an Archery Bow. He pictures an wooden longbow and an iron arrow."Illustrate." Sato shouts as his imagined weapon forms in his hands. He runs out from behind the bush to where Ai, Bunka, and Kiyoshi are "Bunka, Kiyoshi. Do either of you know where the Demon Bakemono's heart is located?"

Kiyoshi is staring at the destruction of the burning village and collapsing houses caused by the Demon Bakemono's rampage. "Yeah, its inside its head but no one's ever been able to get high enough to reach it."

Sato looks up at the head of the Demon. "I see. So then I made the right choice with this weapon after all."

Sato starts to pull back the string of the bow when Kiyoshi interrupts, "Wait! You're holding the bow backwards!"

Sato embarrassedly notices that Kiyoshi was correct. "Oh, um. I knew that. Okay this time for real."

Sato changes the direction of the arrow only to be interrupted by Kiyoshi again, "Hold on!"

Sato was starting to get annoyed, "Now what?"

"Your stance is all wrong. Kiyoshi begins to instruct Sato. "Your body should be at or nearly perpendicular to the target and the shooting line, with the feet placed shoulder-width apart. Understand."

"Um, yeah." Sato lies as he tires to apply what Kiyoshi had just stated.

"Good enough." Kiyoshi points towards the middle of the Demon's forehead. Right there is your intended target. I notice you only have four bows. So then, you'll have to aim very carefully.

"Sato becomes nervous, "Right." He shoots the first arrow which lands in a bush to the left.

Kiyoshi was looking a bit nervous as well now It's okay. It was your first time. Just remember to aim."

"Gotcha." Sato shot another arrow this one skyrocketed over the Demon Bakemono's head.

Kiyoshi was looking a little steamed. "Aim! Aim! Aim!"

"I'm trying!" Sato shot his third arrow which managed the height of the Demon Bakemono's head but it only made it a couple feet in front of Sato.

"No more power!" Kiyoshi was getting impatient, "You know what just give it to me." Kiyoshi takes the bow, and carefully aims at the Demon Bakemono's head as he shoots the fourth and final arrow. It soars through the sky coming in from behind the Demon's head as soon as the Demon turns around the arrow shoots through spilling out its black guts. Sakura flipped off of it and saw Sato waving and pointing towards Kiyoshi.

A couple of hours later, after everyone had rested up the group was saying their goodbyes. Kiyoshi handed Sato a book. "That's an Archer's Handbook. If you are going to continue Archery. I highly recommend reading it. For both you r sake and anyone within 25 miles of you as well. ALso thanks for your help."

Sato took the book out of Kiyoshi's hands. "No need to thanks me. You're the one who shot the arrow an saved the village. You're the real hero here Kiyoshi."

"I'm pretty sure he was talking about me. After all, if it weren't for me this whole place would've been swallowed by the Demon's shadows!" Ai made gestures with her hands to signify a village being swallowed whole.

Sato ruffled Ai's hair. "Sure you too kiddo." The bright Silver sun was beginning to set when the group arrived at Fairport City. "Oh yeah! We're here! Now we just have to take a ship to Silverwald Country and we're one step closer to finding Niji." Sato ran for the dock so fast he didn't notice he had bumped into a man with sickly green skin and hair and eyes to match. He wore a silver suit of armor and had a sword sheathed on his backs.

The man lent Sato his hand to help him up. "Did you're say your'e looking for Niji?
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Chapter 10: Hikaru

Sato accepted the man's help as he took his hand and rose up. "Thanks. And yeah, we're looking Niji the Warrior Bakemono."

The man turned to face the ships docked at the harbor. "I see. Well if you plan to take the ferry, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while. It's closed down for the month."

Sato's shoulder's slump down, "Aw man. You've gotta be kidding me. Well what are we going to do now?"

The sea breeze blew Arashi's orange hair. "Isn't it obvious?" We'll just find another way to Silverwald Country. We'll swim if we have to! I'm not stopping until Niji's cold lifeless body is before my eyes."

The green man put his hand on Arashi's shoulder. "I want Niji dead as well. He killed my younger brother. However, there is a fine line between revenge and insanity. I suggest you remember that line well young man. Oh by the way my name is Hikaru a Warrior Bakemono. But don't worry no other connection to Niji whatsoever."

Sato points his thumb toward his face. "I'm Sato, also a Warrior Bakemono. What up?"

Sakura introduced herself next, "My name is Sakura, and I'm a Strength Bakemono. Nice to meet ya.

Ai jumped up, "I'm Ai, Magic Bakemono."

Arashi shook Hikaru's hand," You can call me Arashi. I'm the last of the Fire-Bat Bakemono."

Hikaru scans Arashi. "Oh so then you're the survivor, huh? I bit younger than I excepted you to be."

Arashi scowls at Hikaru, "Got a problem?"

"No. Not at all. In fact I'm rather impressed. Anyway, so you kids are travelling all around without any adult supervision?" Hikaru inquires noticing the young ages of the kids standing in front of him. "If you are, would you mind allowing me to accompany you?"

Sato looks reluctant but eventually answers, "Sure you can join us. But not as a supervisor. As a friend." Sato gives Miharu a warm smile.

Miharu smiles in return. "Sounds good. Oh and Sato. I know you're a human."

Sato nervously stepped back, "I don't know what you're talking about Miharu."

"No use in trying to lie. It's obvious. All Warrior Bakemono carry at least one weapon with them at all times. No exceptions." Hikaru tosses Sato a bronze sword and a sheath, "There you go. Even if you do still want to illustrate weapons. This should at least keep you from blowing your cover. Now you need to train, Sato. As you are now you're not nearly strong enough to defeat him."

Sakura laughs, "Yeah, you would get your ass whopped."

Sato sighs, "Could you go one day without lowering my self-esteem please?"

Hikaru frowns, "Sakura that goes for you and Arashi as well."

"Ha! So I guess Mister and Misses Perfect, aren't so great after all." Sato mocks.

Hikaru points at Sato, "However, you're the worst off. So your going first. Come on." Hikaru walks off with Sato.

Jazzy music starts playing as Sakura, Ai, and Arashi walk into a restaurant. It's tables were decorated elegantly but simply with a plain white table cloth and a candle in the middle. A waiter escorted them to their seat. Arashi looked around, "Does to have to be so fancy? And why do I have to wear these things?" Arashi looked down at his brown dress shoes in disgust."

Sakura answered Arashi as she sat down, "Because it's a public place. Haven't you ever heard of no shit no shoes no services?" She carefully placed her napkin on her black dress.

Arashi fumbled with his black tie. "No. But that means I can take off my pants, right?"

Sakura's sweat dropped, "Do that and I'll kill you."

Ai clacked her red heels together, "I wonder how big brother is doing."

A gray blade came thrusting down on Sato's sword which he held just inches above his head, causing sparks to appear. Hikaru swirls around and thrusts towards Sato's backside. Sato ducks and rolls out of the way. He takes a few breaths while on his knees for a while before Hikaru comes dashing towards hi, Their distance easily closed in a matter of seconds. Sato readies his sword. But Hikaru knocks it out of Sato's hands with his own blade and points the sword towards the middle of Sato's face just an inch away.

Hikaru puts his sword back in hits sheath, "You lose.

"Damn. "Sato curses as he gets up rubbing the grass stains on his blue jeans. "This bites."

"You have to think of the sword as an extension of your body. Otherwise when you fight it seems rough and flawed. Become one with the sword. Once you do that, your movements will flow more naturally, allowing you to focus on not handling the sword but instead defeating your enemy. Got it?"

"Got it! Sato's eyes had burning determination in them now. He was ready to get stronger. "Okay! Let's go again, Hikaru!"

Hikaru smiled, "Now that's what I like to hear. Hikaru took a ready stance an gave Sato a "Come and get it" gesture.

Saot picks up to his sword, which to his surprise hasn't disappeared yet. He slashes his sword at Hikaru only for it to be quickly countered. Sato sbroght his sword down from above and Hikaru once again blocked Sato's attempt. Hikaru then attacked with his sword coming from the left. Sato made a close but quick counter as he knocked back just enough with his own sword for him to be unscathed.

A man walked into the restaurant where Sakura, Ai, and Arashi were. He walked up to the counter, metal chains dangling from his baggy jeans. People stared at the man's bare feet sticking and unsticking to the polished and waxed floor with every step.

Once he got up to the counter where the hostess was standing, she looked nervous. "Um, sir. I'm sorry to say this. But your out of dress code. So I'm afraid you'll have to leave." She stared at the man's black muscle shirt with a skull emblem on it.

The man flipped his long brown hair from the back to the right side of his face revealing his bat wings, "I'm sorry. I will just be a minute." The man made a murderer's grin. "Is Yamagata Satoshi here?"

Everyone in the room started mumbling about this "Yamagata Satoshi". Sakura and Ai looked at each other uncomfortable. Arashi had fallen asleep with lettuce in his mouth. The man walked up to their table. "I'm looking for him on orders of Niji, the Warrior Bakemono."

Arashi woke up as soon as heard this and grabbed the brunette man by the shirt, "Where is Niji?"

The man just laughed, "I knew that would get your attention. Now allow me to introduce myself. I'm Yoshi, Wind-Bat Bakemono. And Niji's right hand man. I'm here on a mission to kill Yamagata Satoshi. And I know you're his friends. So where is he?

Arashi tightened his grip on Yoshi. "If you tell me Niji's location. I'll give you Sato.

Sakura and Ai both objected, "Arashi no!"

Arashi turned his head toward them while still holding a smirking Yoshi. "Why not? I told you before. You're not my friends. So don't be surprised if I end up selling you out."

Yoshi laughs again, "You know what? I like you kid. It's too bad. I don't play bargainer." Yoshi smashes his fist against Arashi's face and when he opens it a blast of wind blows Arashi's back slamming into the wall on the other side of the room.

"You are so dead now." Arashi kicks off his dress shoes and clasps his hand around his tie burning it with his flaming claws.

"Hey that was Hikaru's tie you know." Sakura warns Arashi.

"Whatever, Kind of in the middle of something else right now." Arashi charges for Yoshi his arms following in the back. As he brings his claws forward they became enveloped in orange flames. "Die!" Arashi starts slashing away at Yoshi, not once making direct contact. Not even the heat from the flames was injuring Yoshi. "What?" Arashi was shocked he hadn't managed to even make a scratch on Yoshi.

Yoshi's eerie murdering grin returned to his features once more. "You done? Okay then, my turn." Yoshi remains in the same position but a huge hurricane starts brewing in the restaurant.

Everyone starts panicking running around or jumping out the windows for their lives. Sakura tries to calm thems down, "Hey everyone, please don't panic okay?" All of the civilians ignored Sakura.

Yoshi then raises a fist at Arashi. As soon as he opens it. straight from his palm comes a huge blast of wind this time knocking Arashi through the wall landing outside on the street. "Pathetic." Yoshi scowls, his gray eyes glaring down at Arashi. "Don't you know your fire is useless against my wind? By using my wind I can shield myself from you fire, redirect it or just plain put it out. You're no match for me kid. Even if you did somehow survive the massacre of the Fire-Bat Bakemono. Us Wind-Bat Bakemono are always one step ahead of you low-lives." Yoshi's wind starts cutting up Arashi leaving several deep wounds on his face and body.

Arashi screams in pain as Yoshi's wind attacks become greater and greater with every blow. Yoshi laughs, "Now this is fun! I wonder how long it'll take you to die?" An aura of wind begins to surround Yoshi as he levitates into the sky. "Let's find out!" This time Yoshi starts off with an open palm. He closes it and in response all of the air around where Arashi was standing collapsed in on him.

Arashi let out a loud scream as blood poured from his mouth. Yoshi smiled, "And again!" He repeated the same pattern only this time the attack was more devastating as Yoshi had focused in on a smaller radius around Arashi. Arashi's scream was even louder this time. And even mire blood poured out from his mouth as well as his nose. He could barely move any part of his body besides his right arm and left leg. Yoshi grinned like the mad man he was, "I'm enjoying your pain. Buts you know what they say, third time the charm." Yoshi repeats his attack bringing his hand forward and closing it causing the air around Arashi to collapses once more this time only stretching out as far as Arashi's own width. Dust blows up form the collision."Bye-bye"

Yoshi frowned, "What? No screaming?"

The dust from the attack cleared up and Arashi was still standing surrounded by blue flames swerving around him. "No screams. Not from me anyway." Arashi's fist causing the blue flames to become larger. "Now, let's see how long it takes you to die. Ready? Go!"

And so now we have our main cast, the Hero: Sato, the Hero's Partner: Sakura, the Healer: Ai, the Rival: Arashi, and the Mentor: Hikaru. And so now the fun begins. Let's just hope Arashi makes it out of this alive.
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