Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku-hen: Mikael's Review! *!NO SPOILERS!*
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/24/13
For a long time I have been looking for an anime about adults. I love all anime, don't get me wrong, but for once I wanted to see something that didn't have to do with teenaged children fighting in wars with huge robots and superpowers. I love those kinds of anime as well, but it was time for something new.

I looked no further than Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku-hen. Warning: This anime is intended for mature audiences, adults.
My review will be short and to-the-point.

Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku-hen. What a bloody good anime. (Pun intended.) Sad, but didn't make me cry. The animation was brilliantly beautiful. The story, well written and fast paced. The fighting, realistic and unashamed. And finally, an anime that was realistic; it wasn't about high school kids pitted against adults in some fake war. It was about adults who fought in a real war that actually occurred on this Earth. Historical fiction at its best. This anime was destined for a 10/10 rating! I highly recommend giving it a watch, as it is only four episodes! Cheers! And as always, enjoy. :D-Mikael
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/24/13
Of course, are you talking about the anime or Samurai X?
The first anime I watched and understood it was anime, I had a BF at the time that was into anime,
so The story of young Kenshin the assassin, and his sheath, or muse, the beautiful once embittered Tomoe became my masterpiece....
Setting out under orders to Otso, with the young godlike killer beside her, in the end she touched him as no one else ever
in the form of a cross shaped scar..

Monster is also a good one
and Mushishi...
Ghost in the Shell,

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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/24/13
As someone who grew up with the Dub of Rurouni Kenshin, I can't get behind what I've seen of Trust and Betrayel and its dub.
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