What Summer 2013 Anime Did You Watch?
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
Just as the title says, which Summer 2013 anime did you guys watch?

-List your top 3 favorites of the season and why
- List the Summer 2013 anime or anime(s) that you disliked and why
- List what Fall 2013 anime your most looking forward too watching and why

I'm just interested in what you guys watched this season Also, if you want, you can list any that you dropped this season, have on hold, etc. if you feel the need to. I didn't add dropped anime since I rarely drop anime. I always see each anime through to the end......in fact I only have 3 in total that I dropped ^^"

Here's mine:

- Dog & Scissors
- Watamote
- Sunday Without God
- Brothers Conflict
- Free!
- Silver Spoon
- Attack on Titan
- Blood Lad
- Makai Ouji Devils and Realist
- The Eccentric Family

Top 3 Favorites of Summer 2013
1) Free! was my absolute favorite because the animation was KyoAni at its best with that amazing water animation, the characters were all lovable, the story was well done and well paced, and my enjoyment while watching this series was the highest out of all the series I watched this season!
2) Sunday Without God is my second pick because the story is very memorable and just from all the emotion and feels put into it, especially the ending of the series. The animation was superb, the characters were memorable, and it was just a blast to watch
3) Silver Spoon is my third pick because I really loved all the characters and it was just so funny to watch!!! All the animals were cute and I loved how I actually learned things while watching it. The way Yuugo reacts to eating the foods is hilarious and it is a real slice of life series.

Summer Anime I Disliked
- Dog & Scissors because it was just to weird to me and I really didn't find it funny at all ^^". Plus there were just too many S&M, hints at incest, hints at beastiality, etc. Wasn't my cup of tea ^^"

Fall 2013 Anime I'm Looking Forward To
- Nagi no Asukara is what I'm most looking forward to because by what was shown in the PV, the animation looks breathtaking and beautiful
- Pupa is my second Fall series to look forward to since I love horror series and it's just in time for Halloween
- Kyoukai no Kanata is my third pick to look forward to because like with Nagi no Asukara, the animation looks amazing and it just looked cool and action-packed lol ^^"

You can go to Anichart.net for new upcoming seasonal anime if you're not sure what anime will be premiering this Fall
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
Fantasista Doll
Gatchaman Crowds
Day Break Illusion
Hakkenden season 2
Chronicles of the Going Home Club
Monogatari Season 2
Recorder and Randsell Mi
Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen
Servant x Service
Attack on Titan
Stella C3
Teekyu 2 (for some reason MAL says there's a 13th episode and won't let me set it to complete)
The Eccentric Family
Space Brothers

Sunday Without God
Senyu 2
The World God Only Knows 3
Majestic Prince
Silver Spoon
Dog and Scissors
Fate/Kaleid Illya
Oreimo 2 (the ending OVAs)

Top 3:
KINMOZA - just the cutest and funniest thing I've seen all season
Sunday Without God - good animation, good music, pretty interesting plot and characters
Fate/Kaleid or TWGOK3 - can't decide between the two

Anime that, not disliked, but felt that could've been so much more:
Dog and Scissors - should've had better animation and focused more on gags like Cuticle Detective Inaba
Fantasista Doll - the characters are there but its a show focused on friendship rather than fight scenes

Fall anime:
Probably Infinite Stratos 2 is my most anticipated.
Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G
Monogatari 2nd Season
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Ilya
Gatchaman Crowds
Uchouten Kazoku
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation
Rozen Maiden
Gen'ei o Kakeru Taiyou - Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni
High School DXD New

wish I'd dropped a while ago, but still watching for some reason only god knows:
Attack on Titan

Blood Lad
Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu
Majestic Prince
Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku
Servant X Service
Fantasista Doll
Dog & Scissors

top 3:
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G was far and away my favorite. the music, the characters, the battles.. everything came together in a way I enjoyed. not to mention nearly every episode ending on a ridiculous cliffhanger kept me glued to this anime.
Monogatari 2nd Season is a masterpiece of storytelling in it's own way. it's not overly flashy, but the characters and the stories are amazing.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi caught me by complete surprise. I didn't really know what to expect from this show, unlike the other two, yet it managed to grab me and not let go. the characters, the world, the story, the drama, the music, the artwork.. all wonderfully done.

Attack on Titan started off like a fairly typical shonen. not sure why I kept watching it past the first few episodes, but then episode 6 rolled around and the anime started becoming more like a character driven drama, which I was pleasantly surprised, and really started to be interested by. unfortunately, it quickly abandoned that all in favor of having titans slaughter cannon fodder troops, and people doing nothing but yelling. wish I'd dropped it after episode 13.
Blood Lad typical shonen.. boring.

looking forward to:
Infinite Stratos 2 looks good. liked the first one, was hoping for a second. or at least something that focused more on the powered suit fights.
Log Horizon looks really interesting. a mix of .hack/SAO and Maoyuu.. 3 anime that I loved.
Kyoukai no Kanata KyoAni doing more story based anime, instead of moe/fanservice BS. sign me up.
Blazblue: Alter Memory I love the games. I just hope the anime lives up to them.
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
Summer 2013
Makai Ouji: Devils And Realist
Brothers Conflict
Yami Shibai
Dangan Ronpa
Gin no Saji
Gatchaman CROWDS
Shingeki no Kyojin

Top 3:
1. Free!
2. Dangan Ronpa
3. I'm conflicted between Gatchaman, Gin no Saji, and SnK

Brother's Conflict was starting to annoy me, but not to the point I would drop it.

Fall 2013 (most anticipated):
Kuroko no Basuke (bishies, I watched the first season, and I absolutely loved it. I'm rooting for ya, Kuroko!)
BlazBlue: Alter Memory (BlazBlue is one of the best video game series ever. Great characters, great storyline.)
Meganebu (because of the bishies and I have a glasses fetish.)
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13

Basically, what I watched this summer including continuing series:

The numbers represents my order of enjoyment. Technically, the summer season isn't entirely over yet so I'll list favorites until then.
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
Watching: I'm trying to catch up with older shows that are on CR, so I limited myself to one new show, and as many old ones as I want. Unfortunately, that means that I haven't SEEN these, but they interest me:
Silver Spoon (It doesn't sound like my usual kind of series, but it's by the same person who did Fullmetal Alchemist, so I want to give it a chance)
Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen (I need to watch Traumend and the original first, though, but I REALLY want to watch this. I've read the original manga, and from what I know, this is the anime version of the continuation)
Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA (I need to watch the other Fates, but this sounds interesting)
Fantasista Doll

Watamote (that was my 'one new title' ^^;).

For Fall, I haven't watched it yet, but Diabolik Lovers looks good.
Not too sure what else is coming besides what's up right now. ^^;. But of what's there, that is the only one that looks good to me.

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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
My list is pretty short in comparison :

What I watched :
Monogatari Series: Second Season
Blood Lad
Uchouten Kazoku
High School DxD New
Silver Spoon
Servant x Service
Rou Kyuu Bu! SS
Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
Majestic Prince

Top 3:
#1 Uchouten Kazoku - This was just an over all fun and philosophical anime.
#2 Silver Spoon - I didn't like it at first, but once Hachiken started getting character development, it got good.
#3 Rou Kyuu Bu SS
- Rou KyuBu soothes me, more specifically Tomoka soothes me. I do not consider myself a lolikon but Tomoka is just too adorable. Charlotte from IS is still my favorite Hanazawa Kana character, but Tomoka is a very close second.
(honorable mention) Inu to Hasami : This show made me laugh.

Dislikes :
#1 Majestic Prince : I thought it was really mediocre compared to other animes of the same character design (Soukyuu no Fafner / Heroic Age / Infinite Ryvius / Scryed / Gundam Seed ) This anime pretty much had plot in probably 4 episodes and then the rest of the series was just filler, or rather nothing happened. Those few episodes were good, but still, having what felt like the majority of a 26 ep anime feel like filler is disappointing.

#2 Blood Lad : Dropped at like ep 5 - Read to like chapter 30 in the manga. What the hell is the point of this series? Is it just "Let's make a mediocre shonen with vampires and werewolves?

and then I read completely through the mangas of Watamote and Servant x Service. Watamote deviates from the manga, but Servant x Service is pretty much word for word, so I stopped watching the anime. It's one of those things that being animated doesn't add anything to it, the written version is just as interesting.

Fall Animes :

Log Horizon : I like MMO animes, .hack moreso than SAO, but I still enjoyed both, If you ask me if SAO was good, I will tell you no, and tell you why, but despite that I still enjoyed watching it, it was a guilty pleasure. I'm hoping this turns out to be good.

Infinite Stratos : This show would be crap if not for Charlotte. I remember when I first watched the series, I was thinking of dropping it, but then Charlotte appeared and it suddenly became like the best harem anime ever. So, MORE CHARLOTTE!

...And anything else in which Hanazawa Kana has a main role . Personally, she is not my type, but somehow I just can't help but love all the characters she voices, and her anime voice itself. It is like music to my ears.
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
Attack on Titan, Free!

Fav is AoT

Free! is just for the pretty and the music
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13

Hi all, I've closed this thread, because it pretty much covers the territory of the following two threads:

/forumtopic-811893/favorite-and-not-quite-as-favorite-summer-2013-anime - where folks have been noting what they watched and favorites, and what they dropped, and such.

/forumtopic-818209/summer-2013-anime-awards-announcement - where you can vote for the best summer 2013 anime shows in a variety of categories.

Please do contribute there.

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