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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
I don't know if everyone here values education but I do. One thing that I was taught since little was respect everyone and things. Of course, there's a order to it. Everything have order and Teachers and Education comes back to back place at second. Where will you be without your family who made you who you are. Where will you be at in this screw up society with out the knowledge you need and the education given? Not all educations are free. Every country is different. If I can become as the top of all education controller. Free Education everywhere would be my first step. Then clean up the world would come second. I value education a lot, not only because I don't want to end up on the street and beg for money. Is the essential knowledge we need to survive in this ridiculous world. Teachers don't need to be there. They have the essential knowledge to support themselves in this cruel society. The are really here to make your life better not worst. If any of you decided that you want to live in the world like a dummy. Please do and no one will be stopping you. If you want to do something, just do it, don't blame anyone that you can't do it, you blame yourself for the choices you made or even don't have enough guts to do what you wanted.

What I saw once upon a time....

....There was this girl. Around 10 year old somehow end up in the street writing on the floor with chalks. I soon found out that her life story is shocking. She got a rare disease and the doctors had to cut both of your lower legs off. Her parent couldn't support her and felt that she's a burden to her and so they left her on the street and rode their bike away. They didn't only took away her life but her education too. She love to write and want to become a writer. She found these chalks left next to a trash can and so she picked up and start writing about her story. I still remember the crowd that were not only amazed by her story but as I was told by my grandma who cried to her poem. My grandma gave her our lunch boxes and this teacher offered her, his bread of knowledge. This happened in China and I know most of you would be like everything happen in china due to its communist govt. My point here is that she wasn't able to get a free education like many of us around the world. She never gave up though. She got her bread of knowledge and I don't know if she's still living but she showed many people have advantages over things such as education and the teachers around them offering free bread of knowledge and they don't want.

Who throw out free lunches in this world? Only people with stupidity.
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