Post Reply Who's fault is it for the EARTH to be like this?
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
I have this global environment project that we need to find the culprit to be responsible for the Earth. We found many sources where people blame technology, education, and even the bible. Until now I still believe that everyone should be responsible for their own actions. No one to be blame for the choices you made by yourself with basic knowledge. If you say you never wasted foods, litter, and/or destroy what belongs to the nature, then you are lying for sure. Government fine you for littering not just because they want your money but also to keep the environment clean using the value of the money to threaten you. Do you know how to make fire in the wood? Do you know how to survive in the jungle? No. Do you know how to waste paper? Natural resources? EASY TASK for everyone. Think if everyone litter and consume the max amount of resource they can. The world will be at it's end? All those animals and stuffs you like will be gone. Don't complain, don't say another world, do it everyday and show your action every time. Respect Nature as much as you do to your phone(or other technologies).
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