Best and Worst Anime Cliches
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Many anime have cliches, so anyway you have to answer 2 questions.

1.) What is your most favorite Anime cliches?
2.) What is your least favorite Anime cliches?

here`s mine.

My most favorite anime cliches :
Lazy Scriptwriters who lack talent
Set in Fantasy world with magic
Characters using their own intuition
Sci-fi setting world with robots, space ships and lasers
Robots in non-mecha anime
Futuristic world
Plotless comedy (like K-on!, Nichijou and Yuru yuri)
Cute characters doing cute things
Plot Twist (kinda climatic)
Sad Drama
References to mythology, history and legends
Deredere girls
Fabulous Pose
Awesome attack moves
Light Hearted story
Magical Elements
Autistic girls
Characters wearing silly hats
Arararara girls
Death acceptance
Forgiving characters
Hipster characters
Mind readers
Cynical MC
Useful underdog MC
Genius MC
MC who fears nothing
Funny MC
Immortal characters who look very young
Unexpected Fights
Youkai characters from Japanese folklore stories
Breaking the 4th wall
Bisexual characters
Badass characters
Attractive characters
Quiet characters
Shy characters
Highly Motivated Characters
Energetic Characters
Epic OP/ED theme song
Cute OP/ED theme song
Powers that explain everything
Very friendly, Kind,Chaotic good characters
Corrupted/Evil Government
Spiritual Power
Heroic Villains
Good Villains
Cool hairtyle
Edgy characters
Magic circles
Conspiracy theory plot
Girl who don`t hate Perverts
Comic Relief characters
Evil never wins
Subliminal Message that solves the mystery
Worst character dies
Narrator who explains everything
Space Adventures
Villains who became good guys at the ending
Kenshiro type Characters
Araragi Koyomi type characters
Hachiman type characters
Levi Rivaille type characters
Natsume Takahashi type characters
Watashi (from Humanity has declined) type characters
Reinhard von Lohengramm type characters
Joseph Joestar type characters
Gintoki Sakata type characters
Spike Spiegel type characters
Claire Stanfield type characters
Dio Brando type Characters

My least favorite anime cliches :
Hidden Magic Eye
Magic Tears
Cheating Death
Dark Aura
Unexplained endings
Reset Button endings
Failed Confessions
Broken Promises
Stupid anime titles
Unexplained Revival
Explaining Your Plan To The Enemy
Retarded characters in every shounen and seinen anime
Meaningless Side stories/Fillers
Demonic Villains
Heartless Villains
Villains who brainwashed people
Evil rich People
Bad parents
Boring character design
Hideous character design
Darkness is stronger than light
Powerless whiny characters
Gary Sue/Mary Sue MC
Gary Sue/Mary Sue Villains
Lack of Animation (look kinda derpy)
Child Deaths
Child Abuse
Girls who hates Men
Awkward Deaths
More Talking, less fighting
Bad guy who always say ''Trash'' to other characters
Ripping-off some parts from 90`s anime
World-Destroying Motive
Contrived Situations
Hostage situations
Stupidly hard-headed idealists
Bossy manipulative Bitches
Early Teens with big Boobs
Boobs bigger than heads
Annoying Talking animals that talk nonsense Logics
Mole on the face
Slave traders
Best character dies
''Aku no hana art style'' type character design
Anime that didn`t get a new season
Anime that didn`t finished the story on the ending
Hitler Clones
Naruto Uzumaki type characters
Makoto Itou type characters
Asuka Langley Soryu type characters
Kyuubey type characters
Aizen Sousuke type characters
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Traps makes a valid argument for both cases.
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it will always be the villain hero

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Some of your cliches aren't really unique to anime and really aren't specific in any way actually, but I like this thread. Maybe I'll post sometime. Way to go Zeta!
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Cannot stand whiny characters with their scratchy little voices, for example Ganta from Deadman Wonderland, and one other is nose bleeds.
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1uguuaday wrote:

Cannot stand whiny characters with their scratchy little voices, for example Ganta from Deadman Wonderland, and one other is nose bleeds.
Yeah they always do that. A fearful or reluctant protagonist cannot seem to be portrayed in an anime without the screenwriters and voice actors automatically adapting it as whiny. Ganta's understandably afraid and terrified in the original story, but his understandable emotional states in the anime always seem to make him seem like hes just whining. Its especially annoying because we get desensitized to characters that NEED to be whiny as part of their character, and we don't notice that it is anything notable when it is needed, we just get annoyed by the whining.

For example in Mirrai Nikki, Yukki is incredibly whiny, but it was actually important as hell to understanding the plot because,

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To be honest I hate the word cliche as it itself is one... and the fact that how long shows have been going on it's hard for "originality" without the story, characters, environment, etc. being totally whackadoo and crazy making no sense at all.

but since someone mentioned nose bleeds I'll have to agree. It makes no sense to me and is a waste of screen time in my opinion...
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Hi, this duplicates existing topics:
Most directly: /forumtopic-795695/anime-tropes-love-and-hate

Other similar topics:



Please contribute in one of those threads. thanks.

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