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Make your own HunterxHunter OC (an OC is a original character)




Hair colour:

Eye colour:




Type of hunter:

Nen type:


[optional] Weapons:

Background story:

[Optional] draw a picture or a random one from the net which resembles your character:

I'm still working on mine
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So here's mine took awhile The story is kinda rushed...

Name: Marta

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Yellowish brown

Likes: Travelling, proving people wrong.

Dislikes: Rain, waking up early, nonsensical people.

Personality: Marta is a kind and friendly person even though most people would think she's a hoodlum.

Type of hunter: Black list hunter.

Nen type:Emission

Abilities:Elemental type bullets.

[optional] Weapons: Guns.

Background story:
Marta had always lived alone and was known as the 'odd' girl by the all the citizens in her small yet peaceful town.She would always pay attention to the smallest of details,constantly day dreaming about what she wanted to become.She always thought about how amazing and wonderful it would be to discover amazing ancient ruins and undiscovered islands.Eventually becoming known as one of the worlds best Archaeological Hunters, this was the only thing that was on her mind 24/7.

On her 17th birthday as she was getting ready to leave her town for the hunter exam, everyone was talking amongst each other about a recent massacre that had occurred somewhere not far from her town.Curious to know what they were talking about she sat amongst them and began listening to their conversation,they seemed to be talking about a small clan known as the Kurta.

Marta had heard of them from history books, she also knew they had one of the most beautiful eyes ever known to man,so of course it's only natural people would be after them.But to think someone would kill them just to take their eyes, just the thought of it made her sick and nauseatic.

3 years had gone by since she to the hunter exam, a lot had happened in that time period which made her rethink her choices, she came to realise that this world is full of rotten souls who have hearts made out of metal.Her final decision was to become a blacklist hunter,although her love for discovering things was still there,she couldn't live knowing that she could do something more rewarding,something that would make people feel safe and smile,and that was getting rid of criminals.

At the age of 24 Marta had captured over 3,000 wanted criminals and nearly died 5 times.

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The heck! I just finished typing and accidentally hit backspace!!! It erased everything!!!

Name: Kahlil

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Hair colour: Jet black, long

Eye colour: Deep black

Likes: Solitude

Dislikes: Loud people

Personality: Works alone, ultra-keen observer, not arrogant, doesn't explain himself or his actions too much, super fast reflexes, exceptional fighter, simple appearance but left ear is missing.

Type of hunter: Blacklist hunter

Nen type: Specialist

Abilities: Manipulates water and H2O molecules. Ability to freeze, boil and vaporize water. Complex abilities include, blood crystallization, blood vaporization, blood thief.

[optional] Weapons: Conjured nen gun with unlimited pressureized H20 supply/pressure adjustable of course.

Background story: He was from Greed Island. He left right before Ging and the rest of the game masters arrived there. It was said that the rocky area where Gon and Killua trained was once a vast lake but Kahlil took all the water when he left. This was a rumor passed around by the people who used to inhabit the pre-game Island. He left to hunt after Zeno and Maha.
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