Post Reply What makes "RWBY such a great anime?
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Probably because it's an amateur project, it shows how much dedication Monty and his team put into making the show what it is today.
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I don't really consider this show an anime, but it is an interesting and highly entertaining one in any case. I highly recommend giving it a watch because I consider it to be rather good, so I'll give you my reasons here.
First of all, let me just say that the animation style is rather unique and takes a while to get used to. But when it comes to actions scenes, it pulls them off really really well. However, scenes that don't have action tend to look choppy and stiff, but it's not too much of a distraction.
The story to be honest is largely a mystery at this point since we hardly know who the villains are or their motives. In any case, the show follows the adventures of Ruby Rose and her friends, where there is never a dull or boring moment in the show's pacing or action.
For the most part, the characters are funny and are overall quite likeable, and it's very fun to watch how they interact with each other. Finally, the show has a pretty cool soundtrack and each of the songs are good enough to listen on their own, and are quite enjoyable. That said, it's not a perfect show. My biggest problem is perhaps the "plot armor" which protects the main characters from really being in any danger. Anyway, it's a very entertaining show and I highly recommend it. However, as of yet, there is no volume three so it does not have a complete ending.
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