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Will You Get The Attack On Titan 3DS Game?
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
Sup, guys.
That 3ds game is fun at first but lacks elements that keep you entertained later. It is quite monotonous.

I am creating a system based on the anime shingeki no Kyojin or better known as Attack on Titan game.

The game will be free and will follow the story of the anime starting from the basics, Eren child. Then obviously will grow and may kill Titans and that ... Last October, I uploaded a video to youtube:

At that time, just started the game, everything was very basic, then yesterday I released another video to show some progress more:

When the game comes out, then will come an online one (MMORPG) but I will not give many details not to kill the excitement.
I'm uploading some photos under one organization Indie games created by myself called kindie Games.

However, you can stay current on facebook: or also on twitter: You can also follow me on my facebook where I'll upload some updates that would not raise anywhere else:

When you see the video # 2 I uploaded recently, I want you to give me your opinion of how the game goes, if you have questions (which are not so obvious please) can make them by private message or in the previous sites I mentioned, I wonder if you would play it, or what would you add to play it.

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Posted 1/15/17 , edited 1/15/17
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