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Posted 9/27/13 , edited 9/28/13
RVA Con is happening this weekend and it is the first year for anything quite like this in the Richmond, Virginia area!

I didn't actually hear about it until 5 days ago, but I do plan on going to offer my support this weekend so that hopefully this can grow to larger proportions next year!
I haven't ever been to any sort of "Con" because there is nothing nearby, so I was extremely excited to hear about this in my area.

Here is a link for more info about the RVA Con: http://www.rvacon.org/

I want to see any venue that includes anime/cosplay succeed, not to mention that I think it would be beneficial for our city in particular to hold events like this in the future as well.

Anyone else in Virginia headed to RVA Con this weekend?
What other cities/states have "Cons" that probably are little known but should get more exposure? I only hear about the ones in large cities (Atlanta, New York, San Diego, etc.)

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Posted 9/27/13 , edited 9/28/13


Moving this into Convention forum.

(Hope that people will still see it there!)
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