Σ //Rules// Σ
Posted 9/28/13 , edited 11/5/13

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Now these rules have been discussed by myslef and Kirito_LEGEND, pinkruse, Candired who are fellow mods. It's essential for a family like us, to have rules and all treated as equal.

-PG13 [Keep it PG-13. No swearing, sexual content what so ever]

-Be Active

-No godmodding, whatsoever

-Be respectful and friendly to all the staff and members of the group and no harmful or hurtful comments [Which will be dealt with accordingly]

-Do not spam, or troll

-Don't upload harmful links/

Any person who breaks one of the rules or consistently will be dealt with according to how severe their action were, it could even in result to ban or removal of group in extreme cases
|Report |

IF you have any problems from other members, please report it to me or any other mod via PM. We encourage you to do so to report anyone who is offending you in anyway shape or form
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