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What makes your Country unique?
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Posted 1/11/11 , edited 1/12/11
okay,okay,okay .......Everyone is complaining about "America" and its flaws Really??Really??
Awwww so what we're fat,so what we have to pay for medical big whoop. And yet every time some other Country is getting their ass
kicked, hunger,your own government letting children die after massive earthquakes because your buildings are made out of clay and toothpicks , your child has some type of disorder or physical deformity you wanna come over here or ask for help .Hmmmmm??? So really who cares. You say we have the highest # of serial do you know why you know that because we catch the f**kers duh you don't know how many you have cuz their still out there killing ppl. And if America sucks why are you ppl coming here by the boat load hmm? Why come if you Hate it sooo Much and WE'RE SSSOOO FAT!!!!!
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