At least loosely based Haiku styled story
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Posted 10/2/13 , edited 10/2/13
"Why do they come here?"
It's not for me to tell her
"Father, do you know?"

She can't be answered
fleeting moments pass like sand
"Why do they persist?"

Still the silence looms
"Have you nothing to tell me?"
I, stone-like and mute

"I will leave you then."
rising up, grace and anger
"I will know. I will!"

Emotion like flame
quickly she is gone from me
"My love, I'm sorry..."

I want to explain
her father's love is complete
but his heart is dark

Secrets hidden deep
passions not known to the light
and monsters below

"How shall I fix this?"
I quietly ask myself
but I do not know

"She will understand."
I hear myself speak aloud
"At least, I hope so."

So it comes to pass
beauty and nightmare revealed
I'll confess to her
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
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