How to judge the worthiness of fruits and vegetables at the shops.
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Because you're not allowed to taste before you buy.
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Posted 10/2/13 , edited 10/2/13

Sir_jamesalot wrote:

Because you're not allowed to taste before you buy.

I find a random passerby and throw them at them. If they splatter into mush they were obviously over ripe, if they bounce off and knock the person unconscious they aren't ripe yet, if they simply bruise a little and sort of just drop they are just right!

Also this thread is sort of.... silly/pointless? Let's keep a lid on spam threads that have little to no room for discussion, or polls that by definition limit users on answers by either having bad answers or clearly lacking answers most users might give.



That being said would anyone like to wander by? I have this green apple I am sorely in need of verifying before taking a bite. You can never been too cautious.
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