Pokemon XY Gotta Catch 'Em All! Clues + Website
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Posted 10/2/13 , edited 10/12/13
Monday Pokemon North America launched a new website GottaCatchEmAll.com.

It's kind of like an internet scavenger hunt to find 4 digit codes that unlock previews of sixth generation pokemon and reward you with a digital treat for finding them. The treats consist of things like pokemon themed ringtones and phone alerts, on-line manga, wallpaper and TCG on-line boost packs. You can also win a 3DSXL, digital downloads of Pokemon X & Y, figurines, game guides and pokemon cards but these are limited to 50 per week so those odds are long.

The code to enter is found around 1:03 of this video and is: XY1012

Here are the hints revealed at this point and the websites that I have found so far. I have found the codes but not the source for others which kind of ruins the scavenger hunt portion, but it may be that the codes are not currently up on the host websites. If you find a source for one of the hints, then feel free to post it. If you just want the code then peek at the spoilers.

Hint 1: Our XY Advice? Leave luck to heaven Nintendo.com
Hint 2: "The Green Robot is your gaming guide." Desructoid
Hint 3: "From Abamasnow to Zweilous, look up your lyrics"A-Z Lyrics
Hint 4: "4-sided Pokémon Perfection"Perfect Square
Hint 5: "Only a special system will break this code!"Nintendo
Hint 6: "I don’t wanna grow up. I’m a Pokémon kid."Toys-R-Us
Hint 7: "Watch Your Pokémon"Pokemon.com
Hint 8: “You can always get the latest Buzz here.”Buzz Feed
Hint 9: "Our game is covering new ground."New Grounds
Hint 10: "Go FIGURE where this collectible code is hidden."TOMY
Hint 11: It's like what you see before movies, but for games.Game Trailers
Hint 12: "XYHQ"Pokemonxy.com
Hint 13: "Go Home"Pokemon.com
Hint 14: "It's all in the cards" - Pokemon.com
Hint 15: "Stream radio online to get lucky." - Pandora
Hint 16: “I want my geek TV.” - MTV Geek
Hint 17: “We’re picking up something on our radar” - Gamesradar
Hint 18: Put your finger on the gaming pulse - Venturebeat
Hint 19: Stop here for Pokemon games and gear! - GameStop
Hint 20: If you're as obsessed as us, you've probably got a complex. -
Hint 21: Today’s topic: Pokemon Fashion! - Hot Topic
Hint 22: Keeping you informed on all the latest Pokemon news! - gameinformer
Hint 23: "Let's get this Pokémon party started." - Party City
Hint 24: "Crave gaming news?" - Crave Online
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Posted 10/5/13 , edited 10/6/13
Thank you for posting this! I couldn't find the xerneas one at all, so I'm glad you had the code. It's pretty cool that all of these websites are participating, and the eprizes are actually pretty sweet.
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Posted 10/7/13 , edited 10/8/13
there's one on the newgrounds website now too. It's the Sylveon code
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Posted 10/9/13 , edited 10/10/13
As to the whole first clue, "Leave Luck to Heaven" is a loose translation of the word Nintendo.
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