Invisible Masks - Prologue
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Invisible Masks

A story with no current direction!

Written by: Bluexzx (Crunchyroll) a.k.a. StoriesFromRed (Tumblr)
Copyrighted 2013

An Introduction:
I’m a person who has a special skill; some can say it’s like a super power. I see it as more of a natural talent.

What’s this talent I have, you ask?

That talent is the ability to distinguish the type of masks a person wears and see beyond it.

Now, you do probably not understand what I mean by “masks.”

A “mask” defined by me can be described as an physical or mental object that is most normally worn on the face whose main purpose is of being protection however can be used for other uses such as disguise, performance and entertainment.

Now that we understand each other, let’s start the story, the story of peoples who can identify the naked faces of others who hide with their masks.

Her Beginning:
As a child, whenever you see little Jen walk around with her parents in public. You’ll immediately notice something different about her. No, she doesn’t have any supernatural abilities or anything of the sorts. Whenever you see her, something strikes out of her to you that you can’t describe into words very easily.

During Jen’s period of adolescence is when the most drama for Jen (so far) started to ensue. That’s because this is when those hormones start to exponentially spike for teenagers, a volatile situation for any teenager if execution is handled poorly.

This is where we start off Jen’s story.

Chapter 0:
The alarm clock goes off very wildly. I start to open my eyes slowly and feel a little crust around the edges of my eyes. Still lying cozy in my purple blankets on my maroon bed, I shift my body weight to my right side so I can face the direction of my alarm clock. Sounds of this alarm clock echo in my head as I stare at it, gradually the sounds of it started getting louder and Louder and LOUDer and LOUDER.

I can’t take it anymore!

I push the cozy purple blankets off me with the force of my weight and hands then aim my right palm and throw it down on the silence button on the top of the alarm from high above.

Smash-Click. The alarm sounds are finally over. I start getting up and sit at the edge of my bed with a sigh in relief; then I turn to my calendar on my wall across the room. I notice a big red circle surrounding today’s date. I can’t distinguish the day of the month from all the way over here. So, I take the glasses near my alarm clock on the nightstand and put them on.

The blue calendar has a big red circle with words on it that said today was “The First Day of School!!! :D”
Turning back to the direction of my closet near the side of my bed; I start feeling a little happy about getting to see all my friends again back from summer break. Then something caught my eye. The alarm clock says its 8:10 a.m. Classes officially start at 9:00 a.m. I’m going to have to hustle if I want to put on my make-up, dress, and eat breakfast before heading off to school!!

I don’t get why it’s late! I took precautions to avoid this type of situation last night! I turned off all my electronic devices an hour before I went to bed and read a book in bed like those people said on the article. Maybe, it was the fact that I didn’t keep track of time while reading Light Wars that put me into this mess. No time to blame what caused me to oversleep! I got to hustle!

While getting dressed I thought to myself.
Jeez Jen, this is such a great way to start off my first day of junior year.

To be continued

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