Where the hell is Kankuro?!
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Posted 10/3/13 , edited 10/3/13
I mean, seriously, the guy hasn't made an appearance in like...what, 100 chapters? I'm getting seriously worried because he's my favorite character and no one seems to notice he's missing! They show everyone else in the alliance BUT him and that troubles me. He can't be dead because it would have been shown a long time ago. Last time he was seen was when
. Now I hate to say it, but he probably wouldn't be much of a help at this point in the manga (just like 90% of the rest of the cast!) But for GOD SAKE Kishimoto, you could at least give him an appearance in the manga again! Is that too much to ask for?!

End of rant.
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Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/18/13

I'm pretty sure the writer just forgot about him, or deemed it unnecessary to continue at that scene for now. You might want to try these threads next time:


(this more populated so I think someone else there might provide a better answer than me)
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Posted 10/23/13 , edited 10/23/13
Belongs in Help thread.

locked and closed
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