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Posted 10/3/13 , edited 10/3/13

HELLO~!!! And welcome to Lets Fly B1A4!! <33 Thank you for joining and supporting us! ^^ It's appreciated!

This thread allows you to talk a little bit about yourself and maybe talk to some friends, that also like B1A4 too! =]

I'll go first!

Haii haii there!! My name is Jennifer (I really hate this name, so just call me JeJe) I live in England, but I wish I lived in Korea, Seoul! Kekekeke ~ I really like the Korean and Japanese culture! I wish I could visit both of these countires one day! And of course I have favourite KPOP bands. SNSD and B1A4 are my top 2 favourite bands!! I have more hehe ~ My Bias are Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona and Jinyoung <3333 Ehhhhm, I really like drawing, editing, photography, cute things and sparkles xD Umm, I think that is it. Add me ^^
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Annyeonghasehyo~! I'm Song Tae Rin! ^ ^ I live in South Korea, Seoul <3 And I love it kekeke ~ I love make up, fashion, cute stuff, jewellery and animals xD I love Korean Pop, I have many, many favourite bands. SNSD, B1A4, EXO, U-Kiss, Super Junior, Miss A and more kekeke~ I'm a kind, caring person who loves to have fun~! ^ ^ Please add me fellow Bana's! <333 Saranghaeyo ~
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On Mother Earth
Posted 10/10/13 , edited 10/11/13
안녕 당신들! I'm Sai \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

I like drawing, listening to music, and taking pictures i'm boring sorry 〜( ̄△ ̄〜)

My favorite bands are U-kiss, B1A4 (of course), Boyfriend, Nu'est, and B.A.P (^v^)
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