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Posted 10/3/13 , edited 10/3/13

This thread is for all you B1A4 fangirls / Boys to say why you love your bias ~

I'll start ~

I love my Bias, Jinyoung because ~

He is great with children.. > //// <
He is funny
He is smart
He is cute
He is charming
He is handsome
I love his eyes and his smile ...> ////////// <
He's great at playing the guitar
He can cook tehehe
I love his unique singing voice
I love that he actually writes and composes his own music
His personality
He is a gentleman

Okay, he is just to PERF!! <333

Okay, there are so much more. But I don't want to make this list Huge..! So yeah, they're a few points about Jinyoung I love... > ////////////////// <...Mah gosh, this was embarrassing......
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