Online DVD sellers; can you trust them?
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Posted 6/22/07 , edited 7/14/07
About a year or so ago I stumbled across this site and I've been wondering whether or not the person who ran a was a fraud or not. this guy has some great titles that I would love to get but I'm not sure if this guy is legitimate.

I would like to know if anyone has actually purchased something from this website and if so was it satisfactory...

This is also a place to discuss in general your encounters and your purchases from places that sell or trade rare and or unusual J-dramas and animes.

By the way the reason based topic is in general is because had stated before the site has shows from both Japanese animation and live action.

Here is the link to the website:

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Posted 7/14/07 , edited 7/14/07
well dun know but they have crappy stuff there....ultraman powerrangers metal heroes.......ask me its all crap lol
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Posted 7/21/07 , edited 7/21/07
Sorta dead.

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