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Posted 10/9/13 , edited 10/9/13
Written by Loveless100

Rebound! Pass! Lay up! The whistle has blown for the beginning of the newest season of Kuroko's Basketball!

[SEASON 1 SPOILERS A PLENTY!!! You have been warned!]

As one of the most anticipated animes of the fall season, Kuroko's Basketball is the continuation of the series that introduced us to a shadow of a character, Kuroko! As a member of the Generation of Miracles, Tetsuya Kuroko is regarded as one of the most pivotal members of his middle school team, without anyone knowing about it. Once he joined Seirin High School, he came across Taiga Kagami, a first year straight from the USA street ball scene. They join the team together, and with a couple scrimmages, Kagami, along with the rest of the Seirin team, learn of Kuroko's mysterious ability. Kuroko is able to redirect the focus of other players away from him, creating opportunities to pass the ball with ease. Along with Taiga's powerhouse play-style as well as the abilities of the second year Seirin Basketball teammates, Seirin wins several matches against some strong teams. However, this changes when they come across the schools that the members of the Generation of Miracles attend. First it's Ryota Kise, a copycat player who also models part time, followed by Shintaro Midorima, a sharp shooter who has an obsession with today's lucky item. The last member of that miraculous group is Daiki Aomine, formerly Kuroko's “partner” and a player of a similar style to Kagami. Seirin's ability to win all of the Inter-High Tournament is cut short by Aomine and his team, and Kuroko finds the limits of his and Kagami's abilities. Luckily, they placed high enough to continue onto the Winter High Tournament. The season ends with the final two teams battling it out for the tournament gold. To boot, it's a battle between two members of the Generation of Miracles, so it makes for a brilliant end to a season. Tears and sweat included.

And now we come to the here and now.

Season 2, also known as Episode 26, starts with Seirin High School's first year players (Kagami and Kuroko included) participating in a street ball tournament. The episode focuses on the introduction of two major characters: Atsushi Murasakibara and Tatsuya Himuro. Both play for Yosen High School in Akita, and each have a connection to the two main characters. Murasakibara is part of the Generation of Miracles with Kuroko, while Himuro is an “older brother” to Kagami when they played back in America. The whole first episode is a flashback of their meeting, friendship, and eventual separation in America, with some hilarious English along the way.

As with the first season, the opening and ending scenes are brilliantly animated, with GRANRODEO singing the opening, and OLDCODEX singing the ending. Both GRANRODEO and OLDCODEX sang for the first season, and their rock band music definitely fits the high energy of a basketball game.

What I like most about this series is the fact that most of the special “abilities” of the characters are in fact reasonable for real life players to a degree. Someone can be good at shooting (perhaps even from the other side of the court), and others can accelerate quickly, so for people watching the show anticipating a show about basketball, they will not be disappointed. Unlike a series like Prince of Tennis (apparently Tezuka Kunimitsu killed the dinosaurs with meteors of tennis balls...), you see some awesome animated scenes of basketball games. As a basketball player, it's fun to see the game you love with an anime-fied twist.

This season is definitely one for the sports anime fans, with YowaPedal, Hajime no Ippo, and Ace of Diamond in the fray. There are lots to choose from, but Kuroko's Basketball is definitely one that cannot be missed.
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