Eki-Suta - DBSK/Tohoshinki (Micky & Max), There Activities During T Promotion! ^_^

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Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/28/08
This was before they got on the show! ^_^

The T Campaign Coverage on Mezamashi Doyoubi, 1/26/08


Eki-Suta - Tohoshinki (Micky & Max), 1/5 - Calling Xiah
A short summary^^

Narrator: this is a tohoshinki special.
A hot vocal group from korea, tohoshinki
The members appear on Eki-Suta!

MC: then shall we introduce them? THSK's YC and CM! welcome~
jal-o-sheot-sum-ni-da (they said "welcome" in korean~^^)
wow, it's like a concert venue! You can hear the many fans! We've had a lot of artists visit Eki-Suta, but there are so many fans here today. There are some who've been here since 5am. And some from yesterday.
YC: yesterday! / CM: wow!
YC: it feels like a concert venue!
MC: because THSK is here~ first of all, we should congratulate you. First [Oricon wkly] #1, you must be happy.
YC: we're very happy.
MC: and, of course, I'm sure the fans here have already heard the news. In the midst of that, the 2 are here for promotion. Has it been a while since you've been to Hokkaido?
YC: yes, it's been about 3 months
MC: 3 months. And seeing this much snow [it snowed A LOT on the day that YC & CM were there]
CM: it's the 1st time in my life. / YC: I was so surprised.
MC: ah, your 1st time! You came when it snowed the most here.
MC: You 2 are here in Hokkaido, but in Tokyo, JS is along. And we've managed to call JS. JS, can you hear us?
YC / CM: JS~
YC: JS, can you not hear us?
MC: maybe the connection isn't working. We'll try again in a bit.
Tokyo, Osaka/Nagoya, and Sapporo/Hokkaido. How did you feel when you got Hokkaido?
YC: so very happy. Although it's far, Sapporo's air is so fresh, and it felt so good to be here.
CM: yeah, when we got here, something about here felt peaceful.
CM: ah, we've got connection. Now, please call his name
YC / CM: JS~
JS: hello, it's JS.
MC: hello. Where are you now?
JS: I'm en route.
MC: ah, you're doing the Tokyo promotion on your own.
JS: yes, being very active!
MC: YC and CM are here at Hokkaido's Eki-Suta
JS: ah, I wish I were there.
YC: it would have been so good if 3 of us could be here together
JS: are you all well?
YC: are we well? Of course, since JS isn't here. [lol!]
JS: I saw on the news that it snowed a lot in Sapporo.
MC: there are a lot of fans here at Eki-Suta, would you say a word to them?
JS: "Hokkaido wa dekai hito desu ne" [oyaji gag! "Hokkaido is a big person." Lol!]
YC: lol! Oyaji gag out of nowhere!
MC: if you could, please visit.
YC: Sapporo is awesome.
JS: I really wanna go~ please invite us again~
MC: next time, please come, all of you.
YC: Bye bye, JS~
MC: even as he's en route, he'd like to be in Sapporo.


Eki-Suta - Tohoshinki (Micky & Max), 2/5 - Burgers
MC: now, the reason that THSK has come today: the new album.
Please tell us about the title, "T".
CM: there's a lot of different meaning to it. "t" in "Tohoshinki". "Top". "Third".
YC: "Team". There are a lot of different meanings.
MC: oh, and the 1st song "Trick" and "Together". What do you all think about the album?
CM: well, the staff around us have commented that it's a good album, so we're just happy.^^
MC: is there a song that you particularly like?
YC: in the album, there's a new song called "Rainbow". It's medium tempo, and a really sweet song. I hope that you'll listen to it.
CM: I like a new song as well, called "No?"
MC: oh, I liked the lyrics.
CM: thank you.
MC: it's like I wanna touch but "no". [lol!]
Everyone, please check out the album.
Since it's been a while since you've been here, we'd like to offer you something really delicious. 1st, please take a look [at the screen]. It's "Hokkaido Café" that just opened on the 4th of this month, and yet it's always busy with tourists and customer even on wkdays. So, we brought the specialty from this place: king crab burger, called "prince burger". Do you like crabs?
YC/CM: we love it. Wow, it looks so good! Thank you.
MC: when you think of "burger," you think of "beef". This is full of crab meat.
YC: wow, a crab burger. so interesting.
MC: But, MCs, why are you guys eating? You aren't even THSK!
MC: because we want to.^^ and we're THSK supporters. [^^]
How is it?
YC: so delicious.
CM: it's so interesting that crab meat goes well in a burger.
MC: everyone, please try this burger.

Truth Game

Eki-Suta - Tohoshinki (Micky & Max), 3/5 - Truth Game
MC: today, on Eki-Suta, we have Tohoshinki's YC & CM. it's really been exciting.
Now, we'd like to find out your true hearts: 1-answer/1-question game!
1st question: please tell us about each other's personality -- in one word. YC, what kind of a person is CM?
YC: CM is... someone who has good manners... and a sincere person.
MC: "Sincere" person. CM, what kind of a person is YC?
CM: I'll just say one word.
YC: I'm so curious.
CM: "Man" ["otoko" -- "a man's man" kind of meaning~ so cute when they do the little hug^^]
MC: aw, a hug.
Now next. There's an earthquake, all of a sudden. What do you take when you run?
YC: an earthquake? Umm... wallet? ^^
MC: ah! Wallet! because you need money.
YC: well, because there are a lot of different things I have in it.
CM: um......
MC: memories. Memories.
CM: memories!
YC: huh? [lol!]
MC: next question. What's something that's in both Korea and Japan, but you like better in Japan?
YC: it's something that I'm really into these days: Japanese curry! It's so good! Japanese curry~!
CM: for me, our member JS. [lol!! CM!!]
MC: fans, fans... [um, I don't know why he keeps doing this...;;;]
CM: ah, fans and JS!
MC: um, the person in the yellow keeps saying something.^^; now next.
What's your fetish? Like, what's your ideal? What do you look at 1st in women?
YC: um... this is...
MC: for me, it's no-makeup face.
YC: no-makeup face? I like that, too. Um, hair?
MC: long or short?
YC: long. [I'll be growing my hair out from today. haha.]
CM: for me, a smiling face. [aw...]
MC: aw, smiling face. Now everyone out there is making a smiling face.^^
Next question: what's your ideal proposal? Where and how do you want to propose? YC?
YC: um.... Let's start from CM.
CM: it's always me for these hard questions. [^^] um, if I were to pick a place in japan, then at shibuya or another place that has a lot of people.
MC: with a loud voice? You'd shout it out?
CM: yes. [aw..]
YC: um, at the beach... while scuba diving... [lol! so different!]
Lol, just the beach. At the beach!
MC1: don't you feel like we've learned a lot about these 2?
MC2: yeah, just listening to them made my heart flutter.
MC1: eh?
MC3: he's just saying that even guys would fall for the 2. [that's right~!^^]
Next, we'll continue with a fierce quiz contest!!

Quiz (Drawing)

Eki-Suta - Tohoshinki (Micky & Max), 4/5 - Quiz (Drawing)
MC: now a corner Sapporo v. THSK!^^ in this corner, we'll quiz to see who knows the other better. To the winner goes jin-gi-sukan [marinated lamb. Yummy!] Do you like this?
YC/CM: we love it!
MC: the one who wins will get this, so fighting! Now, let's start.
Now since you've come to japan, we're sure you've had a lot of great memories. In Hokkaido, there is a dialect that's only understood in Hokkaido. Let's see if you know this word:
Do you know the meaning? Have you heard this word before?
YC: I've heard it before. Isn't it "to be able to tie up" [a form of "shibaru" -- to tie, to bind]?
MC: ah, "shibaru"! would you draw what you think it might mean? But it's not quite "shibaru". Imagine what it might mean, and draw for us. Viewers at home would know what it means.
[as a hint] around this time of the year, in winter, I tend to say this without knowing. Also think of the fans who've been waiting here since 5am... these are some hints.
Now, from YC. What is that?
YC: what IS this, really? [lol!] I went with the "to tie up" meaning.
MC: ah, it's a rope! Now CM.
CM: me, too... the person is being bound up.
MC: ah, also to bind.
MC2: how much do you guys want to tie up? [lol!] the answer is this: "shibareru" means "it's cold~".
YC: ah, it means "it's cold"?
MC: please say it for us.
YC: shibareru. Shibareru. [omg, YC's gesture is too cute!! And CM's smile is so cute, too!]
MC: yep, please remember it. In Tokyo.^^
Now next quiz:
Please draw the meaning for us.
YC: it's a different meaning, right? A hint?
MC: right, it's not kowai's kowai ["kowai" means to be scared, afraid]. A hint is... after a live performance...
Wow, very imaginative, and you draw so fast! Now, the regular "kowai" means scared, but...
Times up! YC?
YC: sleepy?
MC: you get sleepy after a live performance?
YC: after it's over, since we get exhausted.
CM: I think...
YC: it's a guitar. [lol!]
CM: it's feeling good. "ah, it feels good," that meaning.
MC: I see, feeling good. The answer is this -- to be tired, like after running like this.
YC: ah, tired. It's so different [from the regular meaning]
MC: but it's close to being sleepy.
YC: ah, you're right.
MC: so you'd say, "kowai, kowai" after a live performance.^^

Quiz (Korean)

Eki-Suta - Tohoshinki (Micky & Max), 5/5 - Quiz (Korean)

MC: now the quiz from THSK. YC, the question, please~
YC: we have this question for you. When you propose, there is this saying:
"Until our hair turns as white as ________, let's stay together."
MC: "Until our hair turns as white as ________..."
"Until our hair turns as white as my teeth..." [lol!]
YC: it's different.
MC: answer is?
YC/CM: answer is green onion's roots [the roots of green onion / chive is like little white hairs^^]
YC: [in Korean] "Until our hair turns as white as green onion's roots, let's stay together." [T_T]
MC: ah, since this is special, please look into the camera and say it again. Like you're proposing. In Korean.
YC: [in Korean] "Until our hair turns as white as green onion's roots, let's stay together." [ah... T_T]
MC: let's all try it together.
Now about the live concert coming up, please tell us.
CM: it'll be on 4/26, at Sapporo...
YC: Sapporo Ice...
MC: ah, Sekisuibaimu Aisu Arena.
YC/CM: yes... [so cute!!!]
MC: it's Saturday, 4/26. so you must be preparing for the concerts, little by little.
YC: yes, we've been rehearsing a bit.
MC: please look forward to 4/26. and we've received a cool present from the 2! It's this signed poster! We'll be giving this to a viewer as a present. Please send it your request to this address.
That went by in a blink of an eye! please give a last comment each.
YC: it was a short time, but in april, we'll be back. So please come see us at the live concert. We'll continue to do our best!
CM: it's snowing a lot, and cold, so please take care not to catch cold~
MC: thank you. Today was YC & CM from THSK. Please come again!
YC/CM: thank you~

vid/trans credit: [email protected]
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