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Posted 10/10/13 , edited 10/10/13
I'm interested in seeing how this will turn out.
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Posted 10/10/13 , edited 10/10/13
I still like the visuals that P.A. works has created. I think the interactions of the characters is interesting, I think there is going to be strife in the village and trouble is brewing, Manaka is going to cause trouble I think when Hikari's mom get's banished and she likes Tsumugu that lives on the surface and Chrisaki likes Kaname that like probably someone else...
This anime is starting to sound like a "Peyton Place" which was a TV show in the early Sixtys about love triangles that was first a Book published in 1956...

Any who, tell us what you think!
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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/15/13
The animation is mesmerizing, P. A. Works (Progressive Animation Works) is living up to their name, this one is better than their previous ones. Hanasaku Iroha had amazing cityscapes and countryside views but the underwater stuff in this one is superb. I like how their clothes move different underwater, it looks natural for the environment.
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