Writing and how you feel
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Posted 10/10/13 , edited 10/11/13
If this has been done before, my apologies.

I know that when I write, when I get to the end of the section I'm working on, I tend to feel drained, like I just did a huge calculus assignment or went through the emotional wringer. I think it happens worse when its emotional, but even when I'm not writing something that emotional, I feel drained. I can't even write for a good hour after that because I just feel mentally exhausted.

Before writing, I tend to be antsy and jumping around because I don't know how to start the section I'm working on. When writing, I tend to be excited and type fast and very into the moment, and I also tend not to have much control over the flow of the stories, when I'm in that mode of writing, I come up with some ideas that blindside me. I never know how I came up with them but in the end it makes total sense.
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Posted 10/12/13 , edited 10/12/13

I feel writing is one of the hardest things to do and it does not matter what the subject matter is. Writing is not a skill everybody has, even skilled professional writer say it's a struggle. When I write, I put a lot of thought into every word. Sometimes I feel exhausted but that is because I am completely focused on the project at hand. If I'm doing a research paper then I feel like a load has been removed and I like to advance to the next stage of the assignment (editing, final draft, turn in, etc.) and I feel brain dead at the end, especially if it was an extensive paper.

However, I experience a totally different feeling when I write for my own enjoyment. Depending on the project, I can have a range of feels. When I write stories, I can see the scenes playing in my head and I fervently pursue the capturing of those images. Depending on the outcome I can experience anything from euphoria to frustration. But no matter what, at the end of a personal project, I feel pleasantly drained.

I love and hate the act of writing; It's an act that is simultaneously enjoyable and deplorable, easy and difficult.


Jesse Alexander
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Posted 11/3/13 , edited 11/4/13
I agree completely.

I only feel stressed when writing something "required" when I'm clueless as to what needs to be written. The one who reviews your work often says contradicting feedbacks about what you've written. Sometimes they say something like "go direct to the point" then you do that but after reviewing they say "give more info"...and the ever stressful loop goes again.

Though if it's still "required" but I have more freedom in doing so then I enjoy tend to enjoy it.
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Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/17/13
writing needs a lot of time and practice. firstly because you have to imagine about what you want to write.... when you have that image in your mind, you have to put it into words... some people can do this easily, but some people don't... for example i can imagine the development of my story, how it will become and what will happen next. but, i don't have the skill to put it into words... and I really can't make a description about the character in my story... hahaha...

here's a link to my works: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3d1ya6xlq42l3wu/Rebirth_Online_-_A_New_Beginning.pdf
if you guys have time to read it and give me some comment, I will really appreciate it... Thank you...
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Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/18/13
in my opinion, writing is generally easy, especially fiction. acting like my characters helps me give there lives more details. its easier to write how they act, how they think, and how they interact with other characters.
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Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/18/13
My Op As a Poet Which Writing Is as easy as breathing especially if i'm feeling it i can write about ten poems a day all at least three pages lol i just reached my 250th poem yesterday but i feel.. Writing is my release from things on my heart that i cant just can't cough up i can tell you out of all 250 of my poems what feeling in memory was behind it .. . that comes with the added bonus since i write so much it make's doing research papers or essay a little easier and i also have to agreed with "JesseAlexander'" Writers are not made there born lol More so for Poets because they're crafted by real-life experiences... , your trying to put Very Strong feelings and memory's in to words without it messing up the flow or making it sound dull like defining a feeling from your sou'ls heart perspective I've never sat and thought about which words fit or Rhyme scheme for example"

Have you ever smiled at me and i had no emotion shown
Have you ever wondered why the world is so big but
you're alone
Have you ever imagined us spending forever together
Have you ever been afraid to approach me when your
mind said it wasn't clever
Have you ever thought that I dream about you when I
Have you ever took a day off just to think about me
Have you ever turned down you friends just to do
something you love
and they didn't understand it was a gift from above
Have you ever wondered why birds chirp and dogs bark
Have you ever wondered why when I'm not around
everything just seems dark
Have you ever thought about the way I act around you
Have you ever questioned yourself about your own value
Have you ever felt like you and me could be a thing
Well this is how I feel, I just wish you knew the joy that
you bring"

Whether it's something like repetition or trying to tell a story For example Eyes in a dream

In the crowd of figures, I was lost blurred ovals atop colorful silhouettes danced around me though some faces seemed familiar
Like characters in a dream I could not approach them;
The mass consumed me; It swallowed me whole; empty was the sea of people and featureless was every face.

Then two brown eyes emerged from hiding your eyes just a gaze to capture my breath.Frozen, my toes clung to the pavement
my bashful eyes fixed upon your own too late to run, too late for
Excuses I had committed a crime on a city street caught in the
Act by a judgmental witness.

But was it then a smile upon on your lips within a moment it was gone: everything was gone. Turning back over my shoulder, your eyes released me from their grip, free to flee or run after you
the could-have-beens and should-have-beens all regrets sprinted through my mind.

If only to return that smile with one of my own. But again, the opportunity had gone; those eyes had gone....

Its natural like people who can sing .....hope this helps lol
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