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Posted 12/21/13 , edited 12/21/13

TheAncientOne wrote:

EDogbert wrote:

I know the manga branch has launched and most of the resources are occupied making sure glitches don't get out of hand. However, I still feel that Roku support has fallen off the priority list in favor of other systems like the next-gen consoles or devices like Ouya.

The same could be said of the Android app as well. I haven't seen so much as a sneeze in that direction. I'll head off to the Droid relevant forums to vent about that.

All I ask is that if Roku devices are so difficult to properly code for than why haven't you just put up a notice saying so and drop support until further notice. Who's fault is it? Roku's? Crunchyroll's?

The next-gen consoles (so far there has been an app only announced for the PS4) will likely sell more units in the first year than Roku has in its existence. I love my Roku (just upgraded from the XD|S to the 3), but that is the simple truth. While it has sales in the millions, it is still distant in number of units sold to the Apple TV and certain the XBOX 360 and PS3. From that perspective, it makes sense to allocate any limited resources more in that direction.

CR has been keeping us apprised of the status of the Roku app. If you read through the topics you'll discover:

1. CR tried to implement HD earlier this year on the Roku, but that attempt caused some streaming issues and had to be quickly rolled back. (That one may have only been mentioned in the Premium Members forum).

2. CR submitted a new app to Roku in late August. After some time, we heard later in September it was rejected.

3. We learned the app was still being worked on, but there was not yet a specific time table for re-submission.

As to Android, OUYA is a step toward the new app. On the face of it, OUYA seems like a poor choice for a new platform, as it has limited sales and its future is not yet assured. Look closer, however, and you'll see that what you have is a single hardware configuration that runs Android, and a much smaller user base to get upset if something undetected slips through. The last I saw mentioned, the Google TV app (another Android-based platform) will be up next (more users, more hardware variety, but still limited compared to the vast variety of Android phones and tablets. Once that is out of the way, and no show stoppers pop up, it is time for the big play: The general Android app.

The information has been there all along, but it is something you could easily miss if you only jump in the pool once in a while, rather than swimming in it daily.

lol it's so funny that they keep kicking back the crunchyroll app. at this point I'm certain its roku's problem having owned a roku 3 for a year.
this thing sucks! updates (system update) take forever and don't seem to fix much or break as much as they fix. sure it's faster that an xbox 360 which is the WHOLE reason i bought it. but they seem to hold crunchyroll to a higher standard than themselves or most other devs. wtf is up with that? oh look a youtube app!! A WEBVIEW (not really an app) for youtube finally! but they still have not made all apps HD and are making life hell for devs who actually try to fix their apps lol
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