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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13

Just the link to Wildstar's official Youtube page! Anyone else excited about this game? I cannot wait and am eager to see all the content they will be presenting as time go by!
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Posted 10/21/13 , edited 10/22/13
Yeah I was real excited to try this game out...... until I found out it was a sub game. The only sub game I play is wow and im not willing to shell out even more money for a second game.

Sure this game looks AWESOME!!! But its going down the wrong road. Most games are free to play these days and there's rumors that wow may or may not be going down the same route with the next expansion. Sub games are going the way of the dinosaurs and this idea is just resurrecting an old sub game genera fossil that a lot of people will not be willing to go with.

It will have a much better chance of going REALLY popular if it went free to play I feel than just as a sub game
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Posted 10/22/13 , edited 10/22/13
The game does look awesome

but I am still nursing a grudge against NCSoft over them killing City of Heroes.
Not going to put my trust (or my money) in a company that could yank the rug out from under me without any warning. Really hurts when a close game community has to break up like that.

So yeah NCSoft = no way

pity really, Wildstar does look pretty great.
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
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