Why can't Anime writers create good villains?
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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/14/13
This one is inspired by me finally getting around to watching SAO, specifically the second half.

The bad guy is, well, cartoonishly evil and awful. I'm guessing that's pretty generally accepted.

The thing is, why can't they do good, convincing ones? Whatsisname from Sword Art is the same as Aizen from bleach is the same as most of the serious enemies in Gintama, is the same as the evil genius guy from Birdy the Mighty, is a character I have to have seen a million times before.

So I'll split this into two parts;

First, why does Japan hate geniuses? They're so often embittered and insane for no very clear reason.

Second, why can't they give their badguys any goddamn subtlety or convincing characterization at all?


These are admittedly pretty rhetorical questions, but it's good to get such things off your chest.
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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/14/13
Cartonish villains are just more fun.

But it's not so much that they hate geniuses. I think they just try and do what's more fun.

And secondly, I think it all depends on which anime you watch. The villains in Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bepop weren't cartoonish at all.
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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/14/13

Hi there! This sounds like a good rant, and good questions to share in the existing thread about good and bad villiains here:


Please do post in that thread, since I'm closing this one.

locked and closed (since this essentially duplicates that existing topic and duplicate topics aren't allowed).
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