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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/14/13
I would love to have more options for organizing shows.

I like the queue system that was added as for the longest time I wanted to be able to hide stuff off the main page that I either didnt like or did not want to try out.

I would prefer to have a section in the queue system for shows that are currently done, but may come back in the future for another season. Instead of just keeping them in your queue and checking every now and than. A hide function with say an email sent when one of them was updated would be amazing.

Would also be nicer if we had more options to organize them as it can get out of hand when watching from another App. IE the roku app is not that great but than again neither is the roku itself ;-)

An option to auto add new shows to the queue(drama or anime or both) could be useful. It allows you to see them on apps without having to check the website and you can try them out. Worse case you dislike them and remove them from queue, or turn the option off.
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Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/18/13
I don't use the queue system but I think you can simply remove the shows that you watched from the queue. Shows are classed by genre, season, alphabetical, recently updated and's really not hard to see what's new..
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Posted 10/19/13 , edited 10/19/13
I keep some anime in the queue to leave that bookmark icon on the poster image on the Browse Anime. This lets me know I've watched it or are still watching it.

Personally I'd like to see a new tab added in between My Queue and History that list any unwatched episodes from my queue. More of an automatic organization of shows that I haven't caught up to the latest episode.
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Posted 10/21/13 , edited 10/21/13

Will pass this to Design and Development.

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