Do you use Paint Tool Sai?
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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/14/13
and if so, do you have any tips for layering/coloring/creating crisp lines?

Also, how long do your drawings normally take?
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Posted 11/19/13 , edited 11/19/13
I have paint sai tool on my laptop. But i'm still new to it QQ
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Posted 11/19/13 , edited 11/19/13
I haven't used SAI, but I hear nothing but good things about it. I've been working with ArtRage 4 which I like better than photoshop for drawing (at least on a screen digitizer).
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Posted 12/11/13 , edited 12/11/13
-For best results, start with a large canvas. The A4 preset at 350 dpi is a very good start.
-Play around with the stabilizer to see what feels comfortable to you; the stabilizer is one of the best features of PaintToolSAI
-Learn how to use Clipping Group Tool and Linework Layers
-You'll start getting the most out of PaintToolSAI when you use custom settings on the tools

-I just realized this thread is a month old, but I'm posting anyway. I hope you find this useful, feel free to message me with questions!
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Posted 12/19/13 , edited 12/20/13
Yes for lineart
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Posted 12/29/13 , edited 12/30/13
If you don't like Sketchbook that is a good option .
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Posted 1/1/14 , edited 1/1/14
I use it it seems popular among digital artists
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Posted 1/1/14 , edited 1/1/14
I love using SAI and if you have a dA account, you can search for tutorials on SAI.
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Posted 1/2/14 , edited 1/3/14
I'll have to check out this paint tool SAI. Now, that I have a drawing pad, I need a program. I found one called Open Canvas today, and produced an arcane masterpiece; the pterodactyl!

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Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/4/14
I used Sai for years until recently switching over to MangaStudio 5 about 6 months ago. I loved Sai because it was compact software with really nice brush textures, but because it's abadonware it won't be able to keep up with advancing technology - there won't be new updates or versions, improvements, etc... as I upgrade my computer, I won't be able to use Sai. It already doesn't work with the drawing tablet I have at work

I would encourage you to download a trial version of MangaStudio - MangaStudio 5 is the latest version that is available and it's quite versatile. ^_^ And it's cheap, compared to several hundred dollars for a program like Painter (or Photoshop, even.)

Sorry to technically not answer your questions But if you do plan on keeping with Sai, some tips:

- Sai has a brush stabilizer feature that basically smooths out your lineart as you draw, and you can set it to various levels and see what you like best. I personally like to turn this off or keep it at very low level depending on what I'm doing.

- I *always* work with many layers. When in doubt - put it on a new layer. You never know. Usually I separate my artwork like this:
- layer 1: sketch (if I'm sketching digitally rather than scanning)
- layer 2: lineart (I lower the opacity of the sketch layer so I can see what I'm doing on the lineart layer)
- layer 3: flats (the basic colors I'll be using on the illustration)
... and so forth. Basically I put every step on a layer. Sometimes I even put different colors on their own layer. For example, I may have a layer that has only the hair, and another layer that has only the skin. Why give yourself grief later when you realize you need to separate something or change the color of an entire area but need to sit there and tediously marquis everything, right? :B

Here is a website with a decent basic tutorial:

In terms of creating crisp lines... honestly that depends on the tool, and how you draw. You'll have to experiment with the settings of the tools in Paint Tool Sai to figure out what you like. I personally used to ink in Photoshop but I find that they are not quite as crisp as say, the Turnip pen in Manga Studio, or even the regular ink pen (forget what it's called) in Paint Tool Sai.

Good luck!!!
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