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Dot Hack MMO!!!!!
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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14

KurtIrving wrote:

I wish developers can put more effort into making a .hack// online game, literally.

Archeage is kind of .Hack esque. I'd say it's probably more like Log Horizon though.
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Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/11/14
From the trailer:
This doesn't look so great... For one, the art needs a lot of work(both the 2D and 3D), and the animations look shoddy. Well, the camera effects were nice. I get that they'll work on that after getting the funds, but still. I am sure they would have easily had a skilled artist volunteer for free(I know I would have if given the chance).

I don't know if it's just me, but that drawing of the Lancer strikes me as being too similar to one specific image of Mio from K-on(the pose and head)... That is only from my memory, though, so I could be remembering it wrong. It's just that it makes me think of character art that someone traces over another drawing to use the body as a base, and draw their own clothing on top to "make it original", without giving any credit... Not wanting to outright accuse, just wanted to point out how I felt. Again, it could be coincidence.

Also, my biggest issue with this, it feels like it's catered specifically for men with the only shown characters being sexualized females(giving it a more Queens Blade vibe), when Dot Hack is a very diverse and unisex-audience game.
Perhaps it's just my personal beef, since I grew up with Dot Hack and saw it as a very pro-feminist(AKA gender equality) game/anime with diverse characters of all shapes and sizes, not only attractive females.

There's also the whole legal issue, which claims they are dodging by saying it's not Dot Hack, but inspired by it(there is difference between using something as a base, and using something as inspiration...). I don't think saying that would really prevent a company from attempting to file a lawsuit if it's too similar or uses any kind of copyrighted names/designs or even mentioning its' name. Using the name, "The World" in addition to the design similarity already seems like it would have crossed the line for me.

Personally, as a game artist, I would be offended if someone made their art or game design too similar to mine on PURPOSE, and claimed it as their own original work, without at least getting informal permission. It's even worse when profit is involved.

Well, that's my opinion on it, at least.
It looks like they've exceeded their goal anyway. Best of luck to those who pledged.
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Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/25/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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