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Posted 10/15/13 , edited 10/30/13
Hello guys, it me again to tell you how to train your Pokemon to be the best!

Tips to level up your Pokemon:

1. Level up the old fashioned way. If you use the lucky egg with it, the Pokemon will gain more experience points faster!

2.Using the Exp. Share. If you combo the Lucky egg with multiple Pokemon, you will have a lean, mean leveling up machine!

3. Rare Candies. See below

4. Switch out technique: have a Pokemon that you want to train, and after you enter a battle, switch him/her immediately!

My tips on using rare candies:

Rare candies are kinda like steroids. Only use them if you are like right before an important battle such as a gym battle or before the elite four. Also remember to distribute the candies evenly between your Pokemon.

Pokemon Combo Moves

Pokemon moves paired with Items or other moves

1. User: Sunny day/Drought (Ability) User: Solar beam
A powerful combo that allows you to use solar beam without the wait

2. User: Surf Ally: Storm drain (Ability) or absorb bulb
A great combo that hurts the enemy, and heals your ally in one move

3. User: Frenzy Plant Ally: Sap Sipper
This combo allows you ally to get HP, A LOT of it. Very unpractical though.

4. User's Pokemon: Shuckle User: Power Trick User: Gyro Ball
A very powerful combo. Because Shuckle has the highest defense and a VERY slow speed, combined Power trick and Gyroball to have a devastating attack. Recommended: Focus sash or sturdy
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